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Thursday, September 26, 2019

5 Tips For Exhibiting At Your First Trade Show

Trade shows can be called all sorts of different names. So, to clear up any confusion, we'll start by defining the event we're talking about.

Basically, trade shows are business events where lots of companies set up exhibition stands and promote display products or just generally promoting the business. People can buy tickets for the event, which lets them come in and wander around all the different stands. They're designed to benefit both exhibitors and attendees; exhibitors get to advertise their company, and attendees get to see a lot of cool new things - and maybe walk away with some freebies.

Today, we're going to look at trade shows from the exhibitor's perspective. What should you do when you exhibit at one of these events for the first time? You'll find some vital tips below, and they'll teach you how to prepare for your first trade show…

Design an eye-catching exhibition stand
Your exhibition stand is the be-all and end-all of this event. It's what will grab people's attention and make them come over to learn more about what you have to offer. Companies that see the most success will have custom exhibition stands that leap out from the crowd.

You need your exhibition stand to clearly show what your business is about, and provide people with a reason to come and see you. It has to be big and bold - make use of large text or an image of some sorts. Your brand logo and company name need to be visible as well, so people can identify your business.

Don't fill it with too much text, it needs to be easy for people to take in. A line or two will be fine, or you can use some facts or figures to drive a specific point home and reel in the foot traffic.

Make use of business signage
Along with your stand, you also need to bring plenty of signage to this event. Again, signs will help people notice your business and make you stand out from the other exhibitors. Things like pop-up banners work well flanking your stand and adding more substance to your exhibit.

But, it can also be beneficial to buy signage that you can possibly hang from the roof or place in a higher position. You can find some event signage that can be attached to poles and point people in the direction of your company.

Things like that work well as they can be spotted from a distance. People see the signs, get curious, and follow wherever they're pointing to.

Hand out some branded free-gifts
One of the secrets to trade show success is enticing people to your stand. Not only that, but you want them to leave with your business in their thoughts. Handing out some free gifts is an excellent way to do this. They provide attendees with something for free - which they'll love - and the mere sight of free gifts can draw in the crowds.

The trick is handing out things that will be useful for your business. There's nothing to really gain from handing out random goody bags filled with sweets or different products that you bought from a nearby shop. No, you want to hand things out that will have a positive effect. One idea is to get some branded products made and give them out for free. This can be anything from branded mugs to lapel pins with your logo on. With branded items like these, people can use them or wear them whenever they like. From your perspective, this is beneficial as it means they're wearing or using things with your logo on. As a result, you're getting some free advertising!

Another idea is to hand out free product samples or discount codes. It's clear to see how the attendees benefit from these gifts, but it can also help you generate leads as well. The best way to get someone interested in your business is by showing them what you're capable of!

Promote the event beforehand
If you really want to get a lot of foot traffic at a trade show, then you need to make some noise before the event even starts. Advertise and promote the event as much as you can - make sure to mention those free gifts that anyone can get from your stand! Tell people when the event starts, where it is, and how they can acquire tickets.

The best way to do this is on social media. Word spreads very quickly across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms help you reach lots of people in a short space of time. By promoting the event, you get people interested in the trade show. Not only that, but they're specifically interested in you! As a result, people will go to the event just to seek out your stand and see what all the fuss is about.

Create a list of goals/targets
You must know what you want to achieve from your first trade show. Businesses can have various goals when attending an event like this. You may use it as a way to gain some leads and collect contact details for prospective clients. Or, you might want to actually make a certain amount of sales. Some businesses use trade shows as a way of promoting a product - the choice is yours.

Before the event, outline the reasons for attending and what you hope to get out of it. Make a list of your goals/targets, and this gives you something to work towards. It also gives you a way of seeing how successful the trade show was. If you tick off all your targets, then you definitely had a successful time!

Attending a trade show as an exhibitor can be quite scary. You've got a lot to plan out, but it's highly recommended that you attend at least one. They're useful ways for you to promote your business and generate a lot of interest in your company. Plus, aside from targeting the consumers at the event, you can also network with other companies. So, it's the ultimate event for small companies looking to grow!
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