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Monday, September 30, 2019

Farmacy Beauty Very Cherry Bright Serum Review

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Not Sponsored: I only used Farmacy's Very Cherry Bright TWICE and that is as far as my skin would allow me to use it. What is it? It's a vitamin c serum. You may remember earlier this year, I tested a lot of vitamin c skincare from REN, Fresh, Mad Hippie, Murad and Sunday Riley. I really love vitamin c skincare. Well, I know you're looking at the package and see a CHERRY? I was perplexed as well. Vitamin C is also found in acerola cherries (best source of vitamin c - source). The best? I like THE BEST! Farmacy Beauty says it is, "A 15% vitamin C serum powered by a potent cocktail of vitamin C-rich acerola cherry and hyaluronic acid to visibly brighten, firm and hydrate skin." And, "#CherryBrightFuture - For every serum purchased, $1 goes to Fundação Lar Feliz (Happy Home Foundation), a children’s foundation in Northeast Brazil!" This serum you guys is pinkish-red in color. It smells like cherries. It has some tack & stick to it. I applied it to my face at night. I waited for the tack/stick to subside, but it remained. Not where it was sticking to my pillowcase (at all). But if you put your finger to your face, you can feel it. I really don't see HOW you can use this during the day and especially with makeup. It would definitely conflict. Anyway, I Slept. Woke up. Noticed some pilling (white flakes) around my chin area. Rinsed it all off. My skin didn't feel softer. My skin didn't feel hydrated or moisturized. My face DID look plumper (but that could've been a reaction). I tried it one more night, but I got more pilling and a little sensitivity. So my dry & sensitive skin had enough. This may be too strong for my skin. Its gotten really great reviews. I can only share what I experienced. Out of all the Vitamin C skincare products that I've tried so far, I love REN, Sunday Riley, Murad & Fresh (here & here) the best. I didn't have any problems with those brands. Since I only used it twice, I feel its not fair to rate this product. Just take what I experienced into consideration if you have dry sensitive skin.

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