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Monday, September 30, 2019

Ole Henriksen Lucky Pucker Lip Scrub Review

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Not Sponsored: Apples! Cinnamon! Whew, I was SUPER EXCITED when Ole Henriksen came out with Lucky Pucker Lip Scrub! Apples and cinnamon SCREAMS FALL! I love apple & cinnamon oatmeal. I love juicy red apples. I love apple pie. So, here's the deal you guys. My excitement plummeted when I opened the box and saw a stick. Stick? Stick = Lip Balm. I thought I had made a mistake. It said lip scrub on the box, but I'm looking at a twisty tube you twist up like lip balm. So I read the directions and the brand states this is CLEARLY a lip scrub that you apply to exfoliate your lips. You can either wipe it off or leave it on. Ok. I'll go with the flow. This is lip scrub you can take on-the-go, right? So I applied it to my lips and it felt like a lip balm. Hmmm??? I applied it a couple of more times and then felt little exfoliation beads. I said, ok you just have to work off the top layer to get to the exfoliation beady part. But then when I used it again it just felt like a balm. The inconsistency was more than frustrating. I looked at some of the reviews on Sephora and they were all over the place. Many said this was a LIP BALM and not a lip scrub. Some said it worked great. Some said it didn't smell like apples or cinnamon. Some said it provided light exfoliation. Do you see where I'm going? I can only tell you what I experienced. I experienced light exfoliation ONCE (and it didn't do a good job exfoliating my lips). It felt more like a lip balm (and it wasn't moisturizing at all to my lips). Very faint apple scent and I didn't detect any cinnamon. I threw mine in the garbage, I was so frustrated. So I don't know if the batches of this stuff were inconsistent or what (not sure if I got a bad one - apple). But I won't be buying another to find out. HaHaHa

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  Ole Henriksen Lucky Pucker Lip Scrub is Not Sweet

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