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Monday, September 9, 2019

We've Heard Of The Stag-Do & Hen-Do, But What About A Family-Do?

It’s often the case that when someone is getting married, they have a party before the wedding is to take place, perhaps a few weeks in advance. This is often known as a stag do for the groom, and a hen do for the bride, depending on what country you are from. It is often split between parties of the wedding, if not the genders, and usually includes all of the friends involved. It is a last ditch effort to say ‘goodbye’ to the life of uproar and silliness before married life takes place. As such, silly events are often booked, and we all know what that can look like.

But while this can be a fun time and you’ll hear no argument against that, it can sometimes be that we feel it’s a little singular a closed-off. Why not spend an evening with less of a hedonistic attitude but with your entire family? An evening spend with your family in the same spirit and yet with little of the insane antics you would rather not see on Facebook can be a great idea.

Let’s see what that could look like:

Go For A Lovely Family Meal
Food is the one thing that can unite us all. It is a loving act to sit with others and eat with them, particularly if doing so in celebration. Heading for a lovely family meal can be a great idea. You might reserve a large table in a beautiful restaurant, or you might simply wish to cook for everyone with the help of your siblings. You’re going to need your energy for the final stages of planning your married life, meaning that a little time to bring everyone together and eat ahead of time can be a very healthy means of feeling your best.

Spend Some Time With Family
You can sometimes feel rushed off your feet when planning a wedding, particularly if the wedding planners are right beside you. You may start to see them as colleagues rather than family. It’s important to spend some time with family in a completely social context, just because it’s a nice thing to do. For example, taking your grandmother to the theatre or heading to a nice bar with your father could help you take the onus off you a little and celebrate someone else for the time being.

Throw A Silly Indoor Party
Having a silly indoor party can be a great idea. You might invite family members to a fancy dress event, or enjoy getting ready for a big movie night, or simply relax and give each other gifts while relaxing to music, such as gifting your bridal train their robes, and the mother of the bride robe to your loving mother. It’s this intimate event that can bring families together.

With this advice, you are certain to let off some steam before your wedding, without reverting to the expected norms. Whatever works for you is usually totally acceptable.
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