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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Adulting Musings: 6 Things We Should Own at 30

For good or for bad, thirty is seen as something of a milestone for most of us. It’s when we’re meant to have taken control over our lives, put aside childish things, and, ideally, have moved out on our own.

Your shift into adulthood is probably best illustrated by the sorts of things you spend your money on. If you aspire to be a responsible grown-up person, then the chances are that you’ve already secured a few of them. In some cases, they’re major purchases; in others, they’re minor items that you pick up without a second thought, but which surely demonstrate a realignment of your priorities.

A Travel Flask
When you were a small child, you might have taken a flask-filled with juice in your school lunch-box. But now you’re a grown up, you need something a little more caffeinated (and hot). To carry this, you’ll need an appropriately rugged flask – something that’s insulated nicely, and that’ll mark you out as a grownup to all of your colleagues.

A Shredder
If you’re still having to deal with a lot of paper, then you’ll need a shredder to make sure that your personal information isn’t out there for any determined bin-raider to find. Shredders will deal with all of the junk-mail you’ll be receiving now you’re a real adult.

A Slow Cooker
When you’ve become an adult, you might lack the time to do things like cooking. And that means preparing for things the night before – chopping vegetables, searing briskets, sautéing onions and bunging the whole lot into a slow-cooker. Then, when you get home in the evening, there’s a full meal that’s ready to go. You’ll find literally thousands of slow-cooker recipes online.

Engine Oil
If you’re keeping an eye on the future, then you’ll want to look after your car – especially if you’re relying on it to get to work. A supply of the right engine oil will ensure that your vehicle’s internals are suitably lubricated, and protected against heat damage.

If you’re especially committed to keeping your car in good condition, then you might invest in more advanced equipment for your garage, like trolley jacks and hydraulic car jacks from a high-end supplier like SGS Engineering.

A Knife
When you start cooking for yourself, you begin to appreciate the value of a quality set of knives, and the appropriate sharpener. You’ll know you’ve really grown up when you start to get excited about how easily the blade slices through those vegetables. Just be sure to keep up with your sharpening.

A Compost Bin
If you’ve got a garden, then you’ll need to feed it properly. That means a compost bin, and a miniature one to match in your kitchen. When the latter is empty, you can dump it into the former – and you won’t need to worry about those banana skins, potato peelings and pepper stalks any more.
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