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Monday, September 30, 2019

“Make Up” Your Fanbase: Growing Your Customers

It seems that more people are now going into the makeup and beauty trade, either in terms of working at makeup counters in department stores or they start to grow their own business. The industry that is known as beauty comprises of so many different components, but when you start your own business because you have an enthusiasm for making people look fabulous, it's not just about the passion you have, but it's about the knowledge you bestow. Running your own make-up business isn't just about the people, or even the marketing, it's about finding out ways to ensure that your product remains relevant. What are the best ways to grow your customer base?

Maintain That Personal Relationship
As you begin to grow a product and more people buy it, you've got to figure out ways to ensure that the relationship between you and the customer remains as personal as ever. This is quite a task, especially if you have hundreds upon hundreds of customers, but this is where CRM, or Customer Relationship Management systems, are worth their weight in gold. There are companies like GoWhiteOwl can help you with the CRM component, and as time goes on, you realize that having people proven their allegiance to the brand is not just about the marketing savvy, but it's about that personal relationship where you can give them individual offers, or reward them for being a loyal customer. It's these people that will keep your business ticking over.

Start To Promote Yourself
The brand is the personality of the business, which is you. This means you've got to start to find the right ways in which to promote yourself. Whether this is through a trade show, or going on other people's blogs, or even starting your own YouTube channel, you have the inherent passion for the product and this has to filter through the appearances you make. Promoting yourself isn't just about getting online, it is about enticing people into this product so they are buying into who you are. You can do this in terms of your ethical stance, especially if you want to promote your products as being free from artificial ingredients, or haven't been tested on animals. But when you start to make more appearances, even on other people's blogs, you start developing a relationship with different followers of other brands, but you also begin networking.

Stop Selling
When you pitch to potential clients or trying to negotiate a sale to a customer, they can see right through it. Every customer has been through this a million times before, so instead, you have got to think about ways around this. Getting followers can help, but it's also about learning those soft skills that can help in a networking scenario. We understand that you need to make money, so you have to sell it but there are ways around this, especially if you want to develop that important long-term relationship with customers. You need to stop selling and start caring.

As your make-up business starts to develop, you will naturally get an inkling of the type of person that will buy the product, but also how you can put your personality across. Growing your customer base is one of the most difficult components, but try not to overthink it.
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