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Monday, September 30, 2019

Home Décor Tips for Autumn

As the weather begins to get cooler, and the nights begin to draw in earlier, you’re likely to spend more and more of your time indoors. Which means that changes in your home décor will be that little bit more noticeable. At this time of year, you’ll want items that add that little bit of cosiness and comfort to your home – and a little bit of practicality, too.
Storage Spaces
A tidy space is one that’s enjoyable to relax in. Thus, if you’re looking to add a little bit of comfort to your living room or dining area, among the best ways to do it is with the help of a high-quality storage unit. A quality sideboard from the Cotswold Company will function as visual centrepieces for a room, and provide a place to stow away all of those spare bits of paperwork, fine crockery and other miscellanea. You can also use the best Miami storage companies for offsite storage solutions, giving you more space to breathe in your own house!

Shoe Racks
In the hallways, a shoe-rack is an extremely practical addition that’ll keep your floor space clean and tidy. When you step in from outdoors with your boots caked in muck, you’ll be able to simply scrape them clean, slip them off, and stow them ready for your next excursion.

Throw Pillows
The accent pieces in your living room can have an enormous impact on the overall look of the room. During summer, you might have preferred something stark and pale. But at this time of year, the richness of oranges, burned reds and purples will really help to inject some extra cosiness to the space. If you want to take things up a notch further, you could always throw in a bean-bag or two!

Seasonal Plants
House plants are a perfect way to add a little bit of the outdoors to your interior. If you keep them seasonal, then you’ll lend the rest of your decorations that little bit of extra liveliness. Hanging plants and pumpkins go nicely in the porch at this time of year!

Layer In Some Rugs
If you have a bit of empty floor-space, then things might end up looking a little bit stark – especially if the floor in question is decked in laminate or cold grey tiling. The addition of a vibrant, colourful rug will help to brighten up the space, as well as providing the family dog with somewhere to unwind.

Don’t Neglect Lighting!
When things get a little bit dark and chilly outdoors, there are few better places to be than wrapped up warm inside, perhaps with a good book or a tv show for company. To make your living space extra cosy, you might add a little bit of mood lighting. Go for some warm-white Christmas lights, draped around the rear of your sofas. They’ll come in handy for months on end, rather than just during December.
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