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Friday, September 20, 2019

Planning The Ultimate Girls' Weekend In New York City

Who doesn’t love a girls’ weekend? The perfect opportunity to get away, celebrate, make some memories and just have fun. It’s not always easy to find the time to enjoy a girls’ trip, which is why they’re even more special when they come around.

Looking to plan your next get together with your group? Then why not visit the perfect setting - New York City? Here’s your guide to planning the ultimate girls’ weekend in New York City.

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Get planning ahead
A girls’ weekend requires some careful planning, especially if you’re talking large numbers. Use Doodle to find the best date for everyone and start looking at transport and accommodation. You can find some great Airbnb properties for large groups that will help you split the cost and enjoy a more affordable trip.

Make the journey fun
The journey can be one of the best parts of a girls’ trip. Coach is by far the cheapest way to travel and gives you more time to bond together, play games and have fun. Use a charter bus service to take you all from A to B and plan some enjoyable activities for the ride. You should also keep an eye out for any interesting places you can stop along the way and make the most of your trip.

Plan one or two fun daytime activities
The trick with a girls’ trip is to try and plan some of the weekend, but not to schedule every single minute. You should try to allocate time for any major sightseeing you had planned, and that way you can fit in time for meals and more spontaneous activities around that. If it’s your first time in the city, then you can take a look at some NYC dos and don’ts to help give you some activity ideas.

Go see a show
Would a girls’ trip to NYC be complete without a visit to Broadway? A night at the theatre watching a classic musical will be fun for everyone and gives you the chance to enjoy something special. From Wicked to Hamilton, there’s plenty of choice, and you could score some cheap tickets if you book in advance! Why not see something different on each night of your stay?

Find time for shopping
Let’s face it, you can’t visit Manhattan without a spot of shopping. Known for its top department stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdales, you’ll need to find some time for your group to shop and generally soak up the atmosphere in New York. Give everyone a few hours to do something they want to do, then arrange to meet back up for food so you can compare your purchases! Check out a list of must-try restaurants in New York to help you find some great places to eat.

New York is like nowhere else on earth, and an ideal location to enjoy with your friends for the weekend. Get a date in the diary and start planning!
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