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Monday, December 23, 2019

Christmas Cupcakes from MORE CUPCAKES

Not Sponsored: I've got to tell you guys about MORE CUPCAKES. They're a cupcake boutique in Chicago (deliver anywhere in the United States; local delivery in Chicago). Of course I found out about them via Williams Sonoma, when placing my Christmas cookie order. Christmas cupcakes can be pretty, but bottom line is HOW DO THEY TASTE??? Well, I took a chance with these and let me tell you ... THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! They're 2-3 times the size of your average cupcakes. They're SUPER MOIST! The cake part is so good. I love the "frosting". It's more like whipped cream than frosting. So tasty. Overall, the cupcake is not overly sweet. They're just delicious & fresh. You always worry about the decor being in tact when you receive them. These came in a box with dividers. One minor haphazard with one reindeer antler, but I blame the UPS man. HaHaHa They were absolutely perfect otherwise. 

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