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Friday, December 6, 2019

Urban Decay Honey Vault Review And Swatches

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Not Sponsored: I have purchased all of the Urban Decay Eye Shadow Palettes except for one. It was that Smoky Palette that had a lot of blues in it and I knew it wouldn't work for me. But other than that, I continue to enjoy them all (see posts here and here). When I saw that Urban Decay was coming out with a HONEY palette, my eyes lit up. I immediately thought of earth tone colors that I would enjoy. I have Mariah Carey's song Honey in my head. I purchased the vault and it did not disappoint. Let me go over each item with you. The Urban Decay Honey Makeup Setting Spray (Macys, ULTA) again was collaborated with Skindinavia. Their makeup setting sprays are awesome. They're lightweight and they last. The honey scent is truly enjoyable. It's light, but very refreshing. The Urban Decay Honey Eye Shadow Base Primer (Nordstrom, Sephora, Macys, ULTA) is BEAUTIFUL. I was just expecting a regular eye shadow base with no color, but this is a beautiful gold. You can easily wear it alone. It's not over the top or too shimmery or sparkly. The Urban Decay Honey Lip Plumper (QVC, Sephora, Macys, ULTA) is a little sticky for my taste. It plumps up the lips without any hurt or such. It's a beautiful color, but it's's tacky to the touch. The Urban Decay Honey Body Powder (Macys, QVC, ULTA) is GORGEOUS! Again, there are no chunks of glitter or sparkle. Its just a beautiful shimmery gold that will lay fabulously on the skin. I love the packaging for this! The bee and tassel are so pretty. And last but not least you have the Urban Decay Honey Eye Shadow Palette (Nordstrom, Macys, ULTA, Sephora). It's a neutral girls dream! You can use this Summer or Winter. It can be worn to the office or out at night. You have options. Every shade laid beautifully on the skin. Just one swatch of each below. That is how pigmented it is. You're given a double-ended makeup brush to apply the shadows and a workable mirror. If you want to create SUPER DRAMATIC looks, then this palette may not be for you. But everyday and glamourous nights ...YES. I love it! I purchased the vault (Nordstrom, QVC, Macy's, ULTA), but these products can be purchased individually.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff)

Urban Decay Honey Vault | Outer Packaging and Contents

Urban Decay | All Nighter Honey Makeup Setting Spray - Sweet

Urban Decay | Honey Eye Shadow Base - Sweet

Urban Decay | Honey Lip Plumper - Bittersweet

Urban Decay | Honey Scented Sparkling Body Powder - Sweet

Urban Decay | Naked Honey Eye Shadow Palette - Sweet
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