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Monday, December 23, 2019

Nutcracker Bowls

Not Sponsored: I ordered these nutcracker bowls from Grandin Road to add to my inside Christmas decor. Online, they were so cute and filled with pine cones & candy canes. When I received them, they were A LOT BIGGER! Always take time to measure! LOL Well, I didn't have time to get enough pine cones to fill these cuties. So I purchased some faux poinsettias from QVC (because I don't have time to water real ones either LOL) and placed one in each. Did you know QVC has an "as is" buying option? For example, these poinsettias were used on set at QVC or returned. Because of that, they're super discounted. There was absolutely nothing wrong with them and I didn't have to pay an arm or a leg. I just want to throw that out there! I can't wait to show you how everything fit with my decor. It turned out nice.

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