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Monday, December 16, 2019

The Clock Is Ticking On Whether You Have Time For A Side Hustle

According to the latest stats, 44 million Americans are currently getting stuck into side hustles. As though our full-time commitments weren’t enough, we’re pulling up our socks, soldiering on, and significantly bolstering profits in the process.

From the outside, this, paired with the fact that most side hustles are passion projects, can make this undertaking incredibly appealing. No matter your job at the moment, you may, therefore, want to learn how to start a blog or sell your crafts online at last. The side hustle opportunities are endless, and they’re all easier to achieve than ever thanks to online capabilities.

The trouble is that, far from helping you earn more, a side hustle when you don’t have the time could soon see you struggling. That, in turn, may send each undertaking down the drain in no time. Make sure it doesn’t happen by asking yourself the following realistic questions about whether you really have time for a side hustle.

Are you able to leave work in the office?
As remote and cloud-based working comes to the fore, less of us can leave work when we step out at 5. Instead, we’re expected to continue communications and finish what we didn’t during the day. Add a side hustle to that mix, and you could soon find yourself sending the wrong emails to the wrong clients and generally messing up your chances on either side. If, however, you’re able to leave work behind when you step out the building, then there’s no reason why your evenings shouldn't go towards the side hustle cause.

Do you sit down at a decent time each day?

If evening work isn’t a worry, then instead ask yourself what time you realistically sit down each day. Those who manage to get work, cooking, and general chores finished no later than seven will be able to dedicate a good few side hustle hours each evening and still have time to unwind. By comparison, those who don’t even sit down until 10+ each night are guaranteed to struggle. In fact, trying to squeeze a side hustle into that routine will soon lead to stress and burnout that compromise your ability to work at all.

Are you good at organizing outside commitments?
Last, consider how you manage your out-of-work commitments. Being able to make time for friends, hobbies, and romantic meals is, ultimately, fundamental to happiness and general life satisfaction. Not to mention that it keeps your relationships healthy! If you struggle to organize these things even without a side hustle, then it’s a sure sign that something’s got to give, and that something probably shouldn’t be your entire social life. If, however, you have no trouble organizing social commitments during your evenings, then you shouldn’t have any difficulty planning a side hustle to fit in, too.

Side hustles can be great, but only if you’re sure you have the time for them. Get your timings wrong, and don’t be surprised if your efforts here become more hindrance than help.
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