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Monday, December 16, 2019

My Department 56 Christmas House Collection

Not Sponsored: I love miniature doll houses. Have you seen the fancy ones? A super long time ago, I worked part-time at a fancy bridal salon and the owner collected them. These were no Barbie doll houses. These doll houses had chandeliers that lit up. Fancy patisseries. Vintage antique furniture. Miniature houses are worth thousands and thousands of dollars (between the house and furnishings).  I've always been fascinated with them and in awe of anyone that collects them. Well, I thought I would do something on a MUCH smaller scale :) and invest in Department 56 holiday (Christmas, Halloween and Easter) villages. Department 56 comes out with new houses each year and they retire some each year as well. The one's below are from years past. I don't purchase one unless I absolutely LOVE it. Of course mine are all foodie themed. They are a joy to look at and also display. So here's my modest collection :)

Department 56 | Ginny's Cookie Treats
I love Ginny's Cookie Treats :) Cute gingerbread men and candy canes border the front of the house. The gingerbread themed house has a roof made of red & green candy. The chimney is topped with a cupcake. There's a reindeer on the front of the roof. There are small ice-frosted trees around the house. On the side is a candy-striped tower with frosted cupcake and a cherry. A baker and his helper are carrying gingerbread men and cookies. Deliveries in the back ;) I have a gingerbread themed Christmas tree this year. It's absolutely delicious. I'll show you soon in pictures and a video.

Department 56 | Northpole Cookie Exchange
It's a cookie jar! Cookies and cake have to be my favorite desserts. I love the gingerbread men, candy canes, Christmas star, tree and wreath (all cookies of course) that are displayed on the outside of this cookie jar. The word COOKIES is in script on the back. I wish I could open the lid and take a cookie ;) That would be both delicious and delightful.

Department 56 | Santa's Little Cakes
Santa's Little Cakes is inspired by the shape of UK and Irish traditional Christmas Puddings.When I first started blogging (2013), a blogger sent me some mince pies and Christmas pudding from England. I really enjoyed them :) So I love this house. It's the perfect reminder. This cake has a frosted & Christmas holly top. It looks so warm & cozy.

Department 56 | Santa's Sweet Shop - Katies Candied Apples 
Another favorite treat of mine are candy/caramel apples :) I just had some for Halloween and I ordered some for Christmas. This house is a bright luscious red. It's frosted on top, adorned with a green bow and authentic looking stick that reads "Santa's Sweet Shop". It has green tinsel all around. There's a crate of delicious looking apples and a sack of sugar outside "Katies Candied Apple" shop. There's also two buckets filled with caramel and candied red topping.

Department 56 | Northpole Grandma's Bakery
Department 56' Northpole Grandma's Bakery was only available through Avon's cosmetics catalog. This house along with Ginny's Cookie's Treats are my absolute favorites. Again, a gingerbread theme! Atop the bakery's roof is a gingerbread man with a santa hat holding a sign that says Merry Christmas. A cupcake is alongside of him. This house is a frosted masterpiece. I love the iced pretzel a-fixed as a gate with its colorful sprinkles. There's an iced Christmas tree cookie. Piped pink icing circles the roof. Cupcakes and cookies peek through the windows of this house.

Although all of these houses are retired, you can still get them on eBay and other retail shops that sell retired Department 56 homes and accessories. I'll definitely make a video for you before Christmas :)

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