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Friday, May 6, 2022

10 Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas That Will Be A Hit

Not Sponsored: Ok. So Mother's Day is THIS Sunday and YOU still don't have the perfect gift! Yes, your mom thinks you're awesome, but she's still expecting a little something. No need to fret or fear, because Kim is here. I have put together 10 super creative gift ideas that will make your momma smile from ear to ear. I promise you! I love themed gifts. Themed gifts make a great impression. They show off both your creativity and thoughtfulness. So let's get started! We don't have any time to waste! Lets impress your mom!

1. You're A Winner Mom

Every mom is a winner, if she has had to put up with your stuff over the years! So show her she is a WINNER! SHOW HER THE MONEY! Purchase an assortment of Lottery Scratch Off Tickets (in various denominations). Also, take a couple of envelopes and fill each of them with $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 (whatever is in your budget). Place your envelopes in a box (be creative and decorate it with dollar signs, fake money or buy one from a party supply place) and then the scratch-off tickets atop the envelopes. Your mom will have a blast going through all that money & spending it.

2. You're So Sweet Mom

This one is EASY! Either bake some cupcakes or go to your local bakery and pick out some. Get some cupcake picks and attach gift cards to each one. Make sure all of the cupcakes are in a bakery box. When your mom opens the box, she is going to be elated. Talk about frosting-filled!

3.  Your Mom's To-Do-List

Your mom's to do list is never-ending. Why not help her out!?! Take care of her to-do-list this Mother's Day. Either make or print out a faux to do list. Adhere it to something hard (like you're making a big card). Then attach gift certificates or cards from Shipt, Instacart, House Cleaning Service, Grocery Store, Dry Cleaners, Lawn Care, Car Cleaning/Detailing etc. Your goal is to make life easier for your mom.

4. What's On The Menu Mom?


Your mom gets tired of cooking all the time! She does!!! Print out an adorable faux menu or place setting that has a plate, fork, knife and spoon etc (affix it to something hard to make a card). Attach gift cards to her favorite places to eat. This can include fancy restaurants (fine dining), fast food restaurants, grocery stores, neighborhood restaurants, UBER EATS, Grubhub, DoorDash, Waitr, Hello Fresh etc. You can even make a promise to cook for her twice a month!!!

5. You Are So Beautiful Mom

Using your favorite pictures of your mom, make a huge collage (card). At the top, be sure it says YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL MOM! Attach gift certificates/cards to her favorite hair salon, manicure/pedicure place, ULTA, SEPHORA, massage/spa place, waxing place, eyebrow waxing etc. Fill it with all things that keep your mom looking spiffy! She will enjoy spending them! 

6. Pack Your Suitcase Mom

Print out one of those suitcases with tags on it from everywhere. Attach it to something hard. Then attach gift certificates or gift cards to get her new luggage (example, Away Travel), UBER,, Delta, Southwest, AirBnB, MGM Resorts. There are so many things you can do with this, without booking a specific trip. Your mom can pick a date that works best for her. There's nothing like getting away!

7.  Staycation, Mom

On the flip side, there's nothing like a staycation for your mom in her own state. Print out a colorful picture of the state your mom lives in (attach it to something hard - to make a card). Attach gift certificates or cards to a fabulous local hotel, nearby restaurants (either near the hotel or within the hotel, the hotel's spa, broadway show etc.) to make your mom's stay super fabulous. Throw in an envelope with extra cash for her to take with her. 

8. Lookin' Good Mom

Just as in #5 above, take all those fabulous pictures of your mom and make a collage (attach it to something hard to make a card). At the top, write "Lookin' Good Mom". Attach gift cards to her favorite department stores, shoe stores, jewelry shops, lingerie shops, handbag stores, accessory stores, makeup stores etc. Even if you can't get to these stores, get e-gift cards and just give her the codes for all of them along with the amounts of each. You don't have to run to each store ;)

9. Mother's Day Brunch, Tea or Me?

Trust me, your mother will choose the brunch or tea! She's sick of YOU! Print out a place setting as mentioned in #4 (plate, fork, spoon, knife), or huge tea cup. Attach reservations or a gift card/certificate for your mom to attend a brunch or tea at one of your fine local hotels. She will enjoy herself.

10. Gift Card Floral Bouquet

Flowers! But these won't be any kind of flowers. You can either be crafty, print out ... color ... cut some out or buy some real ones. Simply attach an assortment of gift cards to each stem or stick. The goal is to make a gift card bouquet of everything she loves. 

I hope this list gives you some great gift ideas for your mom!

Have super fun with it!

Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!


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