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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Beach Style Tips For 2022

Photo by João Jesus from Pexels
If you plan to rock the beach with your superior style this summer, then it is a good idea to take note of the current trends in beach style.
Of course, it’s great to do your own thing when it comes to fashion, but if you know what’s hot right now, you can mix things up and combine your style with the prevailing trends to ensure that you always look amazing.

With that in mind, here are a few key beach style tips that you should probably know or 2022:

Mismatched Bikinis

Mismatched bikinis are very much on-trend for 2022 when individuality is very much an important part of fashion and beauty, and it’s such an easy trend to embrace by simply buying a couple of bikinis and wearing the top from one set with the bottoms from another to create a clash in color, style or pattern., Be as bold as you like and you can ensure you will look great and turn heads.

Jean Shorts

If modest women's clothing is more your thing on the beach, then jean shorts are your next friend. An evergreen of summer wardrobes everywhere, you can expect to see lots of jean shots, short and not so short, on the beach this year, teamed with everything from bikini tops to vests or even lovely flowing tunics. Mix and match your jeans with your summer tops and you could have a new beach look every day.

Photo by Riccardo from Pexels

Shirts As Coverups

If you like a nice coverup o the beach that you can slip over your swimsuit or bikini to shade your skin from the sun or when you want to be more modest, forget kaftans and tunics, and go for a simple oversized shirt instead. Whether it’s a white linen shirt over a black swimsuit for a classic look or a blue and white striped number over a botanical print bikini or a bold fashion statement, if you’re wearing a boyfriend shirt as your beach coverup, you are sure to look amazing.


High-waisted bikini bottoms are really big right now, and they’re great because, not only can they help to create a cute vintage vibe, but they can cover up that problem area around the stomach that puts so many of us off rocking a bikini. Best teamed with a simple bikini top or tank top/vest, you’ll look every bit like the vintage fashionista when rocking your high-waisted bikini bottoms.

Linen Dress

Basida linen dresses are cool and comfortable and look effortlessly chic on the beach. Team with a simple pair of sandals and sliders put your har up in a messy bun, and be sure to bring along your straw bag with you, and you’ll look every bit the cool surfer chick when you’re out on the sand. Shades, of white, navy, and pastel blue are particularly effective, but brighter colors can work too.

Looking good on the beach has never been easier with these simple beach style tips. Mix and match to create your best fit!
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