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Friday, May 13, 2022

Styling Sterling Silver Jewellery Tips For That Special Night Out

Photo by Alvaro O'Donnell on Unsplash

There isn’t a woman alive that doesn’t like sterling silver jewellery, which goes with just about any outfit and skin tone. Like all other accessories, you do need to consider a few things when accessorising with silver jewellery.

Here are some sterling silver jewellery styling tips to help you nail that look for a special night out.

Mixing Metals

Sterling silver can be mixed with rose, yellow and white gold, as well as platinum. This goes for bracelets and necklaces. If you don’t have that many items in your jewellery collection, search online for a leading sterling silver retailer and choose with a view to mixing metals.

Sterling Silver Necklace Stacking

Most women have a lot of silver necklaces and stacking is all the rage right now; they go for a solid silver chain necklace for women from a leading silver jewellery retail outlet. Make sure you have a range of different finishes. Shiny, textured and matte can all be mixed and matched, depending on the outfit you’re wearing.

Cool Tones Enhance Silver Jewellery

Light colours tend to mask silver jewellery, yet cool tone blues and greens enhance shiny silver. If you have a dark complexion, silver will always look good on you; if you are of fair skin, silver still works and mixing with gold is a great idea. If you need to add to your silver jewellery collection, search with Google for a leading silver jeweller and you can order what you need online.

Choose A Statement Piece

It might be that gorgeous silver necklace or that pair of droop sterling silver earrings. You can build around a statement piece. Some girls prefer a minimalist look with just a few silver bangles and some stud earrings. There are lots of fashion mag articles you can read for style inspiration and Google Images can also show you some fine examples of statement pieces.

Mix It With Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or so they say and if you are going out on a special date, you should wear your diamond collection, if you have one. There’s nothing like the sparkle of real diamonds to add some bling to your look. Diamond earrings are perfect for a glamorous evening and perhaps mum would lend you some of her diamond collection.

Ideal With White

Sterling silver jewellery is perfect if you are wearing a white dress; search online for a leading sterling silver jewellery e-store and check out the amazing catalogue of 92.5 sterling silver hand-made pieces. Lace goes very well with silver and white is a pure colour that matches any skin tone.

Photo by Jess @ Harper Sunday on Unsplash

Of course, we are all unique and when accessorising for a special night out, it is important that you feel good about your outfit and accessories. Ask your best friend to give you her honest opinion of the look you plan to wear and if you feel confident about the way you look, you are sure to have a great night.

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