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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Rise Above The Rat Race By Avoiding These Office-Based Health Complaints

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While it’s not exactly up there with high-risk jobs like construction or factory work, the static nature and computer-based leanings of any office position can take a significant toll on the health of workers across the duration of their careers. Worse, while there are plenty of stipulations for things like safety equipment when it comes to individuals who scale buildings for a living, a twenty-year-old ergonomic desk chair and a daily break that too often slips past the realm of reality is as much help as most office workers get here.

Luckily, this is starting to change, but right now, rising above the rat race largely means taking your own responsibility for a healthier office lifestyle. This can be easier said than done, especially with a demanding boss breathing down your back, but we’ve got some surprisingly simple tips to help you avoid the following common office-based complaints.

# 1 - Back pain

Around 78% of office workers experience back pain at some stage, making this by far the most prevalent office health complaint. Of course, in an ideal world, getting on top here would be as simple as walking around the office at least once every hour, but few modern-day bosses would be happy with that. Instead, you may therefore want to consider more desk-based solutions, including the installation of a standing desk that you bring in from home (needs must), or even just a regular effort to complete desk exercise routines. This way, you significantly reduce the time that you spend static, and thus keep your back stretched, comfortable, and limber in the long term. 

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# 2 - Foot complaints

An expectation that many women continue to face when it comes to wearing heels at work means that foot complaints including everything from heel pain to ingrown toenails and even bunions aren’t unusual, and can often require the attention of professionals like Victoria Foot & Ankle. Yet, even where uniform rules dictate this kind of footwear, it is possible to reduce any damage. For one thing, the proper fitting of preferably synthetic high heels can lead to a more comfortable fit, while opting for thicker heels typically puts less pressure on the foot arch. Alternating heel-wearing day either through flexible working or simply by setting a new office trend could also see your feet feeling far healthier, for far longer, overall.

# 3 - Mental struggles


The always-on nature of office work can also take a significant mental toll for many. To reduce anxiety and feelings of depression, it’s therefore vital to take steps like switching the out of office on when work hours are over or by better managing your time with the help of simple techniques like to-do lists. This way, it should be possible to maintain some personal time for positive activities like hobbies, exercise, or just binge-watching Netflix that ensure a more refreshed, relaxed approach to work every single day.

The hazards of office work are real and worrying. Help yourself rise above by always avoiding common risks like these.

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