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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Kocostar Waffle Cleansing Pads & Face Masks

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Not Sponsored: What I've always admired about South Korea is their love for beauty, food and fun. What's even more fascinating, is how they mix these three elements together. If ever I went there, I would probably lose all control. It's a beauty mecca. I was on Neiman Marcus' website looking at beauty products, when I came across a brand called Kocostar. They are a mask specialty brand, that makes products for at-home beauty care. The first product that caught my eye was a really cute jar with a waffle atop the lid. I said to myself, what is that!?! Delving further, I found out they were cleansing pads. I still couldn't make the connection as to what waffles had to do with cleansing pads. Well, these circular pads you guys have a waffle like texture to them that holds the product (that removes your makeup). My a-ha moment was a little slow (ha-ha), but it all finally made sense. I think the concept is really cute and I love their ad campaign (see picture below). So delicious! Even though I adore the packaging I'm not going to purchase these, because makeup wipes and cleansing pads add to environmental pollution and waste. I'll stick with my Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm and washcloth. Their waffle face masks look delightful! They are offered in five (5) combinations: Strawberry Waffle Mask (For Oily Skin You make me cheerful! Refine the texture with vitamins.), Blueberry Waffle Mask (For Mixed Skin You make me healthy! Protect the skin with antioxidant.), Maple Waffle Mask (For All Skin You make me glow! Brighten the skin with glaze.), Honey Waffle Mask (For Dry Skin You make me full! Fill the skin with nutrition.), Ice Cream Waffle Mask (For Sensitive Skin You make me refreshed! Soothe the skin with icy-cream.) The honey and ice cream mask are definitely calling my name. These packets are huge, have the same waffle texture as the cleansing pads and are drenched with 40g of a gel-type essence. The left-over essence can also be used on other parts of the body. I was just fascinated with the packaging and wanted to share this brand with you. Now, I'm hungry for a waffle with powdered sugar and fruit atop.


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