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Friday, May 20, 2022

Trends I'm Already Seeing L.A. Fashion People Wear

As an expert in women's fashion and the fashion industry, I keep my finger on the pulse of what women wear and buy year-round, both nationally and internationally. 

The fashion industry moves quickly, but some trends take off every year and can be seen at every major fashion event, including New York Fashion Week.

Whether it's the latest cut or color of clothing, or whether it's something to do with hair and makeup, you'll see the same ideas repeatedly each season.

Now that it's almost summer, I managed to capture a few of the trends I saw, and I thought it might be a good idea to share my inspirations, especially for those looking to start wholesale boutique clothing shops.

Please keep reading to look into trends that caught my eye.

Trend 1 - Cut-out Sleeves

These are a new trend popping up on red carpets in Los Angeles lately. Please look at some of our favourite actresses wearing clothing with cut-out sleeves, including Carey Mulligan and Anne Hathaway!

The tops have open cuts around their elbows to make it seem like you can see right through them without actually showing skin. Pair these styles with a pair of high-waisted pants or jeans for an edgy look.

Trend 2 - Oversize Shirt

Oversized shirts have always been around, but they are starting to re-surface again, especially with designers like Gucci, Alexander Wang, and Balmain.

Toss them on with a pair of high-waisted jeans for an effortless look. Remember that it is not about size but fit! Oversized doesn't mean sloppy, so make sure you get it tailored perfectly!

Trend 3 - Wide Leg Pants

One of my absolute favourite trends for spring is wide-leg pants, which give your legs a chance to breathe! Keep it tailored and make sure you're rocking a pair that flatters your figure – flared jeans on petite women can look very heavy; straight leg on taller women can make you look wider than you are! Ask yourself if these would still look cute with heels – if not, try something else!

Trend 4 - Corset Tops

Corset tops were hot on runways from New York to London, but you can bet they will be even hotter when designers create an entire line of clothing that women can wear out to a club or while they're walking down Robertson Blvd.

From plain lace to sequined designs, corset tops have always been a staple item for many women - especially those who want to appear taller than their height without wearing heels all day long.

Trend 5 - Loose Blazer

Every season it seems as if loose blazers are on-trend. From hot pink to purple, from velvet to denim, it's impossible not to see a handful of women walking around town with a shirt over their arms or draped over one shoulder.

The new way to wear your jacket is off-the-shoulder! It makes for an effortless style dressed up or down. Pair your new favourite blazer with a cute pair of jeans and sneakers for an easy look that you can take anywhere!


We've shown you five wholesale women's clothing trends that you can expect to see on fashionable Los Angeles women over the next few months.

Get online or get out there and visit your favourite boutiques as soon as possible to get these looks right now before they sell out!

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