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Monday, January 30, 2023

5 Alternative Burial Options To Choose

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When you have breathed your final breath, what will be done with your body? Will you go into the ground like everybody else, or will you try something more innovative and unique? In this article, you can find 5 alternative ways people today are thinking about after they pass on.

Tree Planting

One of the most popular alternative burial options to emerge in recent times is tree planting. Tree planting involves cremating the body and planting the ashes in the ground together with a tree seed. The ashes act as fertilizer for the tree that grows and blooms into a lovely memory.

Tree planting is a very natural way to be buried. The ashes don’t affect the DNA of the tree and help it to grow; you effectively nourish the tree and complete the circle of life. If you want a tree-planting burial, there are some dedicated companies you can find to help you arrange one.


You might have heard of cryogenics from science fiction books and movies, but it is a real technology that can be used near the end of life. Although technology has not been perfected, there is always a chance you could emerge in the future when the medicine is more advanced.

Cryogenics involves freezing the body and brain and storing it for years to come. This technology is mostly used on brain-dead people, but it is likely to become more popular in the future. With cryogenics, there is no guarantee of revival, but there is always a fighting chance.


If you don’t like the idea of being buried in the ground to decay with the worms and insects, and the idea of being burned to cinders in a cremation chamber is also unappealing, then what about aquamation? This is the process of submerging the body in water to help it to decay.

When the body is submerged in water, it speeds up the decaying process making burial faster and less fussy. Aquamation is emerging as a new and popular alternative to cremation, and you can combine it with tree planting for a fast and eco-friendly way to end your life with integrity.

Space Burial

Are you obsessed with space and technology? If so, you could have a space burial. That’s right, your deceased body or your ashes can be placed inside a rocket and sent into orbit, never to be seen again. Unless an alien species finds you and runs some tests for their scientific endeavors.

If a space burial sounds like it’s up your street, you better save for it, as it’s not the most cost-effective option in the world. Nor is it the most environmentally friendly when you think of all the rocket fuel needed for a single body. But if that’s what inspires you, it is entirely possible.


If you like Madam Tussauds or Body Worlds, then you might like to plasticize your body for educational purposes. If all these options are too far-out - literally in some cases - choose a conventional burial by contacting Hilton Funeral Supply for the best deals on funeral products.

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