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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

A Very Sweet Blog Turns Eleven

Not Sponsored: A Very Sweet Blog turned eleven January 1st, 2023. After blogging for so many years, you would think I would've run out of ideas and things to talk about everyday. I haven't. I've never run into a "brick wall", as it relates to things to talk about on this blog. I think I suffer from the opposite case. I have an abundance of ideas, but don't have the time or infinite resources to bring them to life. To that fact, I say CHEERS to A Very Sweet Blog's longevity. 

I picked the picture below, because it reminded me of Harry Potter and Platform 9 3/4. Everyone's "vision" is different. Some people see a solid brick wall and nothing more. My vision has always been deeper. I can see beyond what is physically there. My vision for A Very Sweet Blog and My Dreams Wishes And Desires runs deep. I have much to do. 

So that brings me to my goals for this year. What do I need to do to improve both blogs?

Photo by David Monje from Unsplash

1. Instagram Videos - I started making Instagram video reels for both blogs in November of last year. Posting just pictures didn't work for me. Some people are really good at capturing a shot. I was never blessed with those picture-taking powers. So I lost interest in Instagram. When I saw that you could combine video with music, my eyes and ears perked up. I said, ok. I'm an 80's girl. I grew up with music videos. Lots of them. That became my inspiration for Instagram. So I started making Instagram reels featuring songs I use to listen to a long time ago with video of current products and places. Do I get a lot of likes? No. HaHaHa But it's enjoyable for me. I'm my own producer. It unleashes my creativity. My videos are much better than my pictures. HaHaHa It brought some FUN back to blogging. So join me on Instagram.

The rest of my goals are a bit of housekeeping.

2. Beauty Brand Category - I really need to update the beauty brands under my Beauty tab. I haven't done that in several years. When readers (whether a company or person) comes to my blog to research a brand (look at reviews), they should have a complete history of everything I have reviewed. 

3. Update Magazine Category - I created a Magazine tab, so all of my favorite fashion magazines would be in one place. If they are in one place, it makes reading articles from each easier to read. Some magazines no longer exist, so I need to delete them. 

4. Shopping Category - Where do I shop? Where do I wish I could shop? HaHaHa I started listing designers I like here, but I need to revisit them and also sub-categorize this tab. It will have all of my favorite places to shop in one place. 

5. Delete Sip Eat Travel Category / Delete Dream List / Delete Celebrate / Delete Holidays - All of this is now covered on my personal blog My Dreams Wishes And Desires.

So yes, 2023 will be a bit about housekeeping for both of my blogs. They need some attention. You must think about your visitors. When someone stops by, what do they see? It's a reflection of you. So I will take a little at a time and if I can do more, I will do more (change profile picture, update pinterest, update facebook etc.) So much to do! HaHaHa :)


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