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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

The Dos And Don'ts Of Wearing Coordinates

Coordinates, also known as co-ords, are classy yet straightforward designs you can wear on just about any occasion.

Coordinates are designed in such a way that you wear them together. They have matching colors with the same print and style. However, don't wear co-ords just because your friend looked good in one or because they're trendy. If you're looking to try them for the first time, here are a few pointers on the dos and don'ts of wearing coordinates:

The Dos Of Flaunting Coordinates

If you want to kill it in coordinates, you must know how to wear it and the styles and designs that suit you best. Below are the four things to do when wearing coordinates:

1. Wear The Right Coordinates For The Right Occasion

As mentioned, you can wear coordinates on any occasion, from format to semi-formal to informal. But you must know which coordinate you can wear for a formal event and which is only suited for an informal one.

Consult fashion experts before purchase to know which is more suited for an office and which you should wear when going out on a Friday night.

  • Formal occasions: What you show wearing in a business meeting with your partners or new clients speaks more about you than you'd want to imagine. It showcases your personality and possibly the mood for the day.

On such occasions, you wear coordinates with a skirt or with pants and add on a blazer. You'll have such an appealing and stunning look, commanding the room when you appear.

  • Semi-formal occasions: You've been invited to a fine restaurant to wine and dine or to a wedding, and you don't know what to wear. Semi-formal coordinates are the perfect fit for such occasions. There are many co-ords options designed for a semi-formal event that'll blow your mind.
  • Informal occasions: You'll also get coordinates of different designs and styles for everyday activity. An excellent example is wearing a crop top with matching paints or mini-skirts when going out for a party.

That said, ensure you wear the right outfit for the right occasion. You might still be stylish with the wrong coordinate, but you may look out of place and uncomfortable throughout the event.

2. Start With A Neutral Color

Many coordinates come in bold colors that’ll likely capture the room's attention. This may be intimidating if it's your first time. Thus, start by trying one with neutral color palettes to ease into the fashion world of coordinates. Neutral colors are easier to blend and can match easily with other pieces in your wardrobe.

3. Try Different Styles

You've just started wearing coordinates and are still determining which style suits you better. Well, the solution is simple. Try out some new designs. You began with neutral colors to familiarize yourself with the trend.

To get out of your comfort zone, be bold in experimenting with different patterns and prints. Both are the only ways to know the co-ords that best bring out your personality and style. The designs may be challenging to pull out at first, but you'll eventually get there.

The Don'ts Of Wearing Coordinates

There are various things you should never do when wearing coordinates. They include the following:

1. Don't Wear Them Separately

Picture the following. It's your first time walking into a boutique to look for coordinates. You plan on getting a coordinate that you can swap with something else in your wardrobe. It's a clever trick, yet you'll never get to wear the pieces together if you're always thinking of something to swap in your closet.

The idea is to purchase a matching set that you can wear comfortably and confidently walk down the streets. Instead of thinking of something you can match within your closet, consider whether the coordinate will work perfectly for you.

2. Don't Wear Patterned Coordinates With Patterned Shoes

Now, you're used to matching your plain colors with patterned shoes, and the results are outstanding. Sadly, that doesn't work well for patterned coordinates. Instead, wear a pair that matches one of the bold colors in the outfit for a more coordinated looked.

3. Don't Forget To Accessorize

Accessorizing your outfit is just as important as wearing the outfit. Nonetheless, keep your accessories simple. Go for something that complements your coordinates. For patterned coordinates, go for plain colors matching one of the colors in your co-ord.


Coordinates are the new norm of the fashion world. You can add them to your new wardrobe and match them to any event. Nevertheless, you must know which one to wear and how to accessorize. Luckily, this guide gives you tips on what to do and what not to do when it comes to coordinates.

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