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Sunday, January 8, 2023

Hermes Rouge Rose Épicé Lipstick Review And Swatches

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Not Sponsored: My blog friend from Little Luxury List sent me two Christmas gifts. One was a box of oh-so-delicious Charbonnel et Walker Gingerbread Truffles. The second gift was this fabulous Hermes Rouge Rose Epice Lipstick (Neiman Marcus, Selfridges). I have never tried Hermes makeup. Lipstick is a great way to start, because I'm a lipstick girl (she knows that) and I love a really good lipstick. I was looking on Hermes' website and they offer an array of various finishes: Matte, Metallic, Satin. They even have a lip balm. My curiosity, makes me want to try it. The lipstick she sent me is called Rose Epice (spicy and fragrant with the natural tones of terracotta). It is a Satin Lipstick. Hermes officially says Rose Epice is, "A luminous satin-finish lipstick. Its texture, as fine as it is rich, delivers vibrant, long-lasting color. It leaves the lips supple and conditioned." The color payoff of the lipstick is truly gorgeous. It's very deep and rich. It's a great everyday color and can be worn with so many things. And what is really fabulous about this lipstick, is it is SUPER MOISTURIZING. This is the most moisturizing lipstick I have ever tried (and I have tried many of them over the years). So for the price you pay for this lipstick, you are getting an excellent quality lipstick. Another thing that is so fabulous about this lipstick, is that it is refillable. Isn't that wonderful!?! Refills are sold separately. This lipstick is also made in Italy. Now, let me talk about the packaging. It's equally as fabulous! The lipstick is housed in the official orange & brown signature Hermes Paris box. It slides right out. The casing for the lipstick is made of both lacquered and brushed metal. It's protected by a canvas pouch. I'm keeping all components, because it is so luxurious. This was a really amazing gift! Thank you so much! Look for my Instagram reel showcasing this great color. 

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
Hermes Rouge Rose Épicé Lipstick is Supersweet


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