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Monday, January 9, 2023

Art Deco Egyptian Revival Jewellery: What You Should Know

The Art Deco movement began at the end of Queen Victoria’s reign and signalled a breath of fresh air as far as creativity was concerned. This style includes bold, geometric shapes and rich colours and it coincided with the continued development of the Industrial Revolution, which brought products to the masses.
Taking a look at the timeless Egyptian style, you can see how this can be blended with Art Deco and a trend developed for Art Deco jewellery with spreadwing eagles; colourful jade and amber, mixing the two styles turned out to be popular and the Art Deco Egyptian revival movement was born.
Where To Find Egyptian Revival Art Deco Jewellery?
While you might bump into a few pieces at a local antique fair, the best place to look is the online antique dealer’s website that sells genuine pieces at market prices. One top-rated specialist collects a variety of authentic and unique Art Deco diamond engagement rings. The online dealer is part of a global network and that means they can source very specific pieces; armed with your budget, the expert can find just about any piece of jewellery. You should be wary of replicas when looking at Art Deco jewellery; one reason to buy from the antique dealer is all pieces are authentic.
Blues & Greens
The hallmark of the Egyptian revival style is blue-green colour, which is usually gemstones such as emeralds, amethyst, rubies and sapphires. Along with gold and silver, all shades of blue and green are used in Art Deco Egyptian revival, while red can also be seen in such items of jewellery. Beetles and cats were very popular among Egyptians thousands of years ago and these designs are often found in vintage Art Deco pieces. Jade was regarded as precious in Egyptian times and creating beetles with jade was popular.
Valuable Assets
Authentic Art Deco Egyptian Revival jewellery is in high demand and when you purchase high quality pieces, which makes for a wise long-term investment. You might be looking for an Art Deco diamond engagement ring with an Egyptian angle, in which case, browse the website of a leading antique dealer and you’ll probably find the perfect engagement ring. In the event a ring needs to be resized, an expert can do that for you.
Great Collection Items

Photo by Liam Li on Unsplash

Why not start an Art Deco jewellery collection? Over time, you can acquire stunning Egyptian style pieces that you can wear together as a set. The more quality accessories you have, the greater the choice and genuine antiques do appreciate in value over the years. You could mention to your partner that you have a passion for Egyptian Revival jewellery, which might lead to a special gift.

The Internet is a great source of information about the Art Deco period and the more you know about how historical events influenced this period, the greater your appreciation. You could research how Egyptian design managed to combine with Art Deco. There are numerous theories regarding this; certain artists were known to have connections in the jewellery circles and their influence lead to the creation of stunning jewellery.

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