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Friday, January 13, 2023

Successful Merch Selling Tips For Youtubers

Selling merch provides you with an additional revenue stream on YouTube that can help to keep your channel going and growing. When your subscribers wear your merch, they are like a walking advertisement for your brand. They can identify and connect with your brand in a tangible way, and it fosters a sense of community between them. Here are some successful merch selling tips for YouTubers.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Pick the best merch for your brand

YouTubers use various methods to make money on the platform. Merchandising is one of the best ways, and selling your merchandise in YouTube is easier if you pick the right merch for your brand. If your followers like you and support your channel, they will want to show their support by wearing your merch. As every channel and subscriber base is different, you are likely to have a good idea of when you can start selling merch and what type of merch your subscribers will appreciate.

  • Use slogans, catchphrases and visuals you use in your video content that connects strongly with your subscribers.
  • Start with items that sell well, like hoodies, mugs, t-shirts, tote bags and hats, and you are likely to have sales.
  • If you have several ideas, you can build up some suspense and release them over a period of time.
  • Stay authentic and keep your designs relevant to your audience.

Work with a print-on-demand company

Working with a print-on-demand company means that orders are printed when they come in. You upload an image, place the image on a product and list the product for sale. When the customer orders the product, it is printed, packaged and shipped. You don’t have to keep items in storage or manage inventory.

If a t-shirt takes $30 to print and you sell it for $35, you will make a $5 profit. Ordering samples to test out and wear is important. Print-on-demand companies have a business model that can react to your growth and needs. Some YouTubers make plenty of money selling merch, but even if you sell a few items every month, it can help you to subsidize your channel and continue doing what you love.

Use YouTube’s Merch Shelf

YouTube’s Merch Shelf is a digital carousel. It allows you to display your merch under your videos. You can display up to 12 products, but you must be eligible to use the feature. Various requirements include your channel being approved for monetization and being based in a country where YouTube Partner Program is available. Your channel must have more than a thousand subscribers and gear toward an adult audience.

Be your own merch model

Wearing your merch when you create your content videos is one of the best ways to promote it. For example, wear a branded hoodie or t-shirt and speak about how comfortable it is and how well it fits. Drink out of a customized mug and mention some specific reasons why you love using it. People want to have easy ways to buy the merch you wear or use on your videos, so make sure you link to it wherever you can.

Keep followers engaged in the process

You need to develop a devoted community of followers who want to buy your merch. They want to feel as though they are part of a vibrant, exciting community. You can ask them to post photos to Instagram or other social media platforms wearing your merch and use your channel hashtag. Reward them with a shout-out or giveaway to encourage them.

Your presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can help you to keep your fans engaged and constantly aware of your merch. Share any special deals or promotions with your followers and frequently announce new products and designs.


When deciding to sell merch online for your YouTube channel, you may feel intimidated. It is important to leverage the strength of your brand and make relevant merch that will appeal to your subscribers if you want to sell merch successfully. Be sure to promote it and keep adding items so you keep it in subscribers’ minds and can continue to sell. It is a great way to make money from your ability to create a popular YouTube channel.

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