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Friday, August 17, 2018

Terracotta Army: Legacy of the First Emperor of China Exhibit at Cincinnati Art Museum Part Three

Not Sponsored: This is Part Three (last post) of the Terracotta Army: Legacy of The First Emperor of China Exhibit I saw at Cincinnati Art Museum. You can view Part One and Two here & here. In Part Two, I showed you the Terracotta Warrior sculptures that were on display. Those were on one side of the exhibit. On the opposite side were small artifacts from the Qin Dynasty, Warring States Period, Duke Jing Reign and Neolithic Period. I placed them in groups for you below, so that they would make sense to you. Some pictures are a little blurry, because I was under the brevity of time. People entered the exhibit in one hour increments and so my focus was on the warriors. It still amazes me the excellent condition the artifacts were in considering the time period. It just goes to show you, quality lasts a long time. The exquisite details that went into each piece were also very beautiful to see in person. Many of you have expressed how much you enjoyed this series. I'm so happy and happy I could share it with you. This is another side of me that I hope to share more of on my blog :) I love history. My dad had a Master of Arts degree in History. I have a Science background. I find that the past explains a lot about the present, with people...places...and things! Live & Explore.

Bowls Used For Serving and Holding Food

An Assortment of Wine Vessels & Flasks

Ritual Bell and Stone Chime (played at Ceremonial Events)
Life-Size Bronze Goose (1 of 46) found in the burial pit of The First Emperor. 
Also discovered were 6 Cranes, 20 Swans, 20 Wild Geese,

Personal Seals (that represent social, political & economic status)
Seal Clay to seal government documents

Horse & Chariot Ornaments

Roof Tiles and Water Pipes

Mask To Ward Off Evil Spirits, Mounted Warrior Sculpture, Battle Bell, Jewelry, 
Garment Hook and Tiger Weight

And this was the pamphlet that was given to us...

Top Tips For Investing In Diamonds

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4. Choose the certificate
When you buy loose diamonds, they should be certified by a gemmological lab.

5. Choose the shape
Finally, round diamonds are the most common shape traded in the market, which means they will be easier to sell on later on.

A Few More Things to Consider When Investing in Diamonds
Diamonds are usually traded in US dollars. That’s why it is a good idea to sell your diamond when your home currency is performing well against the dollar. If you decide to buy diamonds online, make sure they are delivered in tamper-proof blister packs.

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