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Monday, January 8, 2024

CardCash: Sell, Buy and Trade Gift Cards

Not Sponsored: Hey Everybody! Did you receive any gift cards during the holidays? Do you have gift cards stashed away? I had a little bit of both and discovered CardCash. This is NOT a sponsored post! CardCash did NOT ask me to write about their services. I just tried them and wanted to share my positive experience using their services.


I learned about CardCash through the Rossen Reports (which is extremely reputable), yet I still gave the service a side-eye. I kept saying, is this real? Will they really give you cash for your gift cards? So, I put them to the test! I had three (3) gift cards, I didn't want: Barnes & Nobles, Chili's and Starbucks. 

How does it work?

1. You simply CREATE AN ACCOUNT with CardCash (username & password).


3. Enter the STORE NAME of your gift card and HOW MUCH IT'S WORTH/BALANCE. CardCash allows you to enter multiple gift cards in this section.

4. Click GET OFFER(S).

5. CardCash will then show you, how much you will get for each gift card.

6. Click GET ($$$$) CASH or TRADE (CardCash gives you a list of options that you can TRADE UP FOR such as a Prepaid Mastercard, Walmart, Chewy, eBay, Amazon,, Kohl's, Lowes and so much MORE)! The TRADE option is always worth MORE than what you will get in cash. So, It's up to you. I just wanted the cash. 

7. If you choose GET CASH, it will give you some options:

    a. Mailed Check - Receive your check 4-7 business days after we receive and approve your order.

    b. ACH Payment - Receive your funds 3-5 business days after we receive and approve your order.

    c. PayPal Express - Receive your funds 3-4 business days after we receive and approve your order.

I personally chose ACH because I didn't want PayPal to take a cut, nor did I want to wait for CardCash to mail a check. With ACH, you just have to give them your checking or savings account routing and account number.

8. Enter the Gift Card NUMBER and PIN

9. Click CONTINUE and that's it!

10. CardCash will send you an order confirmed and CHECK ORDER STATUS email. where you can check the status of your order. Then they will send you a YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN ACCEPTED email.

How much did I get for each gift card?

(remember, prices will fluctuate during the year)

Starbucks ($25) - I received $20.75

Barnes & Nobles ($15) - I received $11.40

Chilis ($25) - I received $16

I placed my order on December 30th and received my money on January 5th 

(It only took 7 days; consider it was the holidays). 

Also know, you can BUY GIFT CARDS (eGift Cards) on CardCash for less! 

I will have to try that service!

I am very pleased with my experience using CardCash! And wanted to let you know about the service. Sometimes you get a gift card, that you won't use or don't want. It happens! This is a great way to convert it to money or trade it for something else. Give them a try!


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