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Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Holiday Stuff: Time To Pack It Up, Donate It, Swap it, Sell It (Make Some Money) Or Throw It Away

Not Sponsored: So, it's time to put away your Holiday decorations! What are you going to do with everything? Here's a quick guide, I put together, to help you make some decisions about all of your HOLIDAY STUFF!

Image by Julita from Pixabay

Do You Love Your Holiday Decor?

If you truly do, then pack it up safely and securely in bins and tuck it away.

Do You Need To Downsize Your Decor?

I have a slim tree and a full tree. For the past couple of years, the full tree was getting on my nerves. It was a lot to handle, took up a lot of space and took more time to decorate. I decided to donate it. If you decorate more than one tree, decorate the outside of your home, inside of your house, backyard, front yard, bedrooms, kitchen etc. Ask yourself, do you want to put up that much holiday in the future? If not, consider downsizing things. That brings me to some other things you should think about.

Think About Donating or Swapping Your Decor and Other Holiday Stuff!

Not only did I donate a Christmas tree, I also donated my holiday themed fragrance wall plug-ins that I no longer wanted. I donated Christmas mugs that accumulated in my cabinet (that happens over time ... people giving you Christmas mugs). I donated Christmas cards. You only use so many and always have a few left over every year. Same for gift bags, tags, boxes and tissue paper. If you don't want to donate these things, think about swapping with others on Nextdoor or within your community. 

Sell Your Holiday Stuff!

No longer in love with some of your holiday things??? Right now I have Halloween items (candle holders, ghosts, wreaths, door hangers etc) and Christmas items (Christmas tree ornaments, pillows) and Valentine (pillows) up for sale. I've already had a sale. Cha-ching! And inquiries. Do you have a Christmas village? They resale very well. People are always looking for holiday decor, cheaper than the stores. So, if something no longer brings you joy ... either give it to someone or sell it and make some money. Trust me, someone else will want it. 

Trash It!

The last thing you should do with your holiday items is trash it. But stuff happens! Things get broken, discolored etc. Before you pack anything up, evaluate it thoroughly. If you can't use it anymore or pass it on to someone else, throw it away. You'll always have the memories :)


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