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Thursday, January 4, 2024

Why Your New Year's Resolution Should Be To Swim More

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Swimming is perhaps the best aerobic activity for being inclusive. While people with dodgy knees can’t run or cycle, they can hop into the pool and do a few lengths.

This fact got us thinking: should your New Year’s resolution be to swim more? You hear all sorts of resolutions this time of year, from eating less chocolate to earning more money. But you don’t often see people recommending swimming specifically.

As you’re about to learn, swimming is an incredible lifestyle choice, so many people on health kicks are missing a trick by avoiding it.

It’s Low-Impact

First, swimming should be your New Year’s resolution because it’s low-impact. You can flop around in the pool all day and avoid causing any undue strain or stress on your joints. From that perspective, it is quite remarkable.

Naturally, it’s not quite as demanding as many other aerobic activities because you aren’t supporting all your weight on your feet. But it can still give you a proper workout if you know how to approach it.

It Builds Fitness

As alluded to above, swimming also builds fitness. Some of the most aerobically-capable individuals in history were swimmers. (Just look at Michael Phelps's VO2 max).

It Offers Mental Benefits

Swimming also offers a host of mental benefits that could change how you feel once you include it in your lifestyle. Research suggests that getting physical activity in the pool can improve mood and even boost how well you sleep.

It Provides Social Benefits

Swimming also introduces you to a host of social benefits. You are much more likely to spend time around other people who can help you exercise and offer some healthy competition.

The social aspect is also what keeps people coming back for more. Once you have a group of friends who enjoy swimming, you want to keep experiencing it with them.

It Means You Can Finally Upgrade Your Home

Another benefit of swimming is that it gives you an excuse to upgrade your home. Perhaps you’re the sort of person who has always wanted a pool!

Pools aren’t just watery gyms: they also provide you with social and entertaining opportunities you simply don’t get without them. Just ensure you have the proper knowledge and pool supplies to keep everything running smoothly. You don’t want a massive repair bill on your hands because you chose the wrong filter.

It Is Fun

Perhaps the top reason for making your New Year’s resolution to swim more is the fun it suddenly injects into your life. Going to the pool instead of vegetating in front of Netflix is a far more enjoyable way to spend the evening.

Once you get the “swimming bug,” it’s hard to kick. You find yourself wanting to constantly go back to the pool to enjoy the slides, flooms, and boards. Even showering afterward to get rid of all the chlorine can be a great experience.

So, that’s the case for making swimming your New Year’s resolution. Build your own pool or join your local baths.

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