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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Department 56 | Halloween Party House

Not Sponsored: I've always been a huge fan of holiday villages and fancy deluxe miniature doll houses. I think they're so charming. I have a small collection of Christmas themed houses by Department 56. I'll share them with you next month. This year, I thought I would start a Halloween village. I really like this house. It was first introduced in 2016. It's called Halloween Party House. It resonated with me, because during my childhood I always celebrated Halloween at school and then afterwards (in the evening) with my best friend. We would go trick-or-treating around her neighborhood. When we came back, there was food and spooky movies to watch. It was always a fun time. Her mom was the best. We looked forward to it every year. Well this house reminds me of those fun times. It lights up and is such a joy to look at. The front window says Happy Halloween Party. There's a wooden tub filled with delicious red apples and a sign that says Apple Bobbin. There's a Pin The Bow Tie On Mr. Bones game. I love the silly skeleton with top hat and his colorful bow ties. There's a bowl filled with trick-or-treat candy and a sign that say Take One Please. And finally you have a cute pumpkin pinata hanging from a tree. I love the autumn leaves and leafless trees. There's a chimney with firewood on the side. This house has a lot of detail. I'm glad I purchased it. I have my eye on two other Department 56 houses. They were issued prior to this one :) That's what's so fun about collecting. It's important to find treasures that mean something to you. When you look at it, it evokes memories. I just wanted to share this with you :)

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