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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Put An End To Annoying Business Interruptions

Hate having your workflow disrupted? Here are some of the biggest interruptions and how you can put an end to them so that you can finally get on with your work.

Power cuts
Without electricity, many modern businesses cannot function. While a power cut might seem like something out of our control, there are ways in which a power cut can still be prevented. Uninterruptable power supplies are the most common tools for keeping your company running during an outage – these supplies help to hold reserves of electricity which can be enough to power your machinery for a couple hours after a power cut. You could alternatively consider investing in a backup power source such as solar panels.

Tech issues
Tech issues come in all kinds of forms from bugs to viruses to hardware issues. These can interrupt at the worst times – however they can usually be prevented by maintaining software and hardware. This includes regularly updating software and keeping hardware clean. Managed IT services can also be worth outsourcing for taking care of tech issues while you’re working – you can click here for more information on these. By taking all these measures, you could find that you encounter tech issues a lot less regularly.

Unscheduled phone calls
Unscheduled phone calls can be a common source of interruption. Sometimes these phone calls can be important, while others may just be general enquiries or sales calls. Some companies let their phone ring to voice mail and then ring back the callers are urgent, but this can be risky as not everyone leaves voice messages. A better option could be to simply outsource a phone answering service to answer phone calls for you and relay only the most important information back.

Impromptu meetings
Impromptu meetings can be a nuisance too. You can prevent them as a business owner by re-evaluating your open door policy. Letting employees and customers wonder freely into your office can show a certain level of warmth and transparency, but it could be stopping you from getting other important tasks done. Scheduling all meetings in advance allows you to prepare for them so that they’re more productive and so that you’re not interrupting another task.

Urgent emails
Having to interrupt a task to answer an urgent email can also be annoying. A lot of companies are now starting to introduce email answering periods of the day. By setting an ‘out of office’ reply out of these hours, you can let people know that their email won’t get answered straight away. If it truly is urgent, they’ll then ring, but most likely it won’t be as much of an emergency as they make out.
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