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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Throwing The Coolest Kids Parties

When it comes to children’s parties, you can feel a little stressed out. But often the planning and their faces on the day is totally worth it. There are a few thoughts like what food to serve, are there any allergies that you need to be aware of, who to invite, do the parents stay… and on it goes.

But here are some easy tips to make your next kid’s party go as smoothly as possible.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

It is tempting to throw a lot of money at the party and hope for the best. But actually setting a budget is much more beneficial. It can be surprising just how much those small bits and pieces add up. Think about it in a per person way rather than the other all price. So what would you be comfortable spending per child?

Children’s parties are better pushed to the weekend after or before the birthday. Fitting in a party after school can be hard work, and you might find the best friends can’t make it due to extracurricular activities or early bedtimes. If you need help from family members, make sure that you have checked the dates with them in advance.

Make a to-do list that covers everything from putting the paper on the table to putting up the balloons. Check off each item as you purchase it or do it in the run-up to the big day.

Home or Away
The joy of having the party at home is you can sling on some lounge pants or leggings and tidy up at your own pace. But you will have to be mindful of how much children you invite due to space restrictions. If you decide to have it at a venue, you might be able to hire things like balloon machines, bubble machines and have a bigger disco. So those are things to think about when you are making a choice.

As well as it being a birthday party, you can add a theme on. If it is in the run-up to Christmas, you can hire Santa, easter time? Easter egg hunt. Of perhaps your child has a favourite Disney character. Themes can be a lot of fun for children - it gives them a chance to really indulge their imagination in something that they love.

Work with your child with this. There might be people you have to invite, but where possible, try to let your child have the people that they like and play with there. Although it is always prudent not to leave only 1 or 2 children out of a party if you invite the rest of the class.

All-day parties are exhausting for everyone. So try to keep it to around 2 hours. Enough time to play, dance, be entertained and have some cake. This also helps other parents out with things like nap times and getting their usual weekend errands done in good time.

Always send the invites a few weeks in advance too, this means you will have a firm headcount long before you start buying the food and gift bags.
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