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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

How To Be A Better Friend To The People You Love

If there's one thing many of us have learned over the years, it's how important our friends are. In times of need, they are the people we go to for help. When we need to relax and destress, our friends are there to help us do so. And when we're feeling down and in need of an uplift, our friends are there to raise our spirits. Our friends are also there to guide us, advise us, and when we need it the most, they are also there to give us the hard truths. They do it out of love.

And so it is with you. Your friendship matters to the people you know and love, so be that friend today. Though if you have ever wondered what it means to be a 'better friend,' then you might want to focus on the following.

Spend more time face to face with your friends, and less time on the phone with them. Facebook, Instagram, and texting are all well and good, but true friendship is about spending time with the people you love. And yes, you might be feeling tired sometimes, and yes, you might be too busy to do more than text. But to retain those strong bonds of friendship, you need to do more than chat through your phone. So, today, put your phone down and arrange to meet a friend for a coffee and a catch-up. Have a conversation that means something and one that is more than something littered with emojis. Arrange a weekend together or head out on a wonderful vacation with them. And enjoy each other's company, making the most of every precious second you have with them.

Really listen to what they have to say instead of half-listening because you are desperate to share every ounce of your life with them. Sure, they might have nothing but tittle-tattle and gossip to deliver, but then again, they might be trying to tell you something important. They might be hinting at problems in their life, and you would never pick these things up if you weren't paying attention. So, focus on your friends. Hear what they are saying. Read between the lines if you have to. And then support them if they need you.

Don't be afraid of tough love. If you are concerned about your friend, tell them so. If they are caught up in worrying behaviors, try to guide them on the right path. Sometimes, the people in our lives get caught up in unhealthy relationships. They might drink too much, take drugs, and commit to other habits that we know aren't good for them. You might have to be the person to explain the hard truths to them. You might need to contact an alcohol or heroin detox center on their behalf. And you might have to be the person who says, "stop, I love you, and I don't want to see you harming yourself in this way." It takes courage on your part, but it's better than seeing your friends fall and hurt themselves. And while they might not always thank you for your tough love, they will hopefully appreciate it somewhere down the line.

So, think of your friendships today. Who do you need to spend time with? Who needs your support? Think about it, and then get in touch. They will be glad that you did, as the friendship you can offer might just make their day. Be that friend that you would hope others would be to you.

Take care, and thanks for reading.
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