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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Downton Abbey The Movie & Tea Time Magazine

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Not Sponsored: [NO SPOILERS] The beginning of this year, I purchased a subscription to Tea Time Magazine. It's a NEW magazine, that showcases various teas & tea infusions, tea events around the world, food (recipes), table settings etc. I love it. Its a small magazine, but its packed with so much information. On the cover it featured Downton Abbey The Movie (Sept 20). I heard there was talk about making a movie, but I didn't know they actually did. I also didn't know, they came out with a Downton Abbey Cookbook. I think anyone would want it for the cake recipes alone. HaHaHa Well reading all of this, got me REALLY EXCITED! So this past weekend, I went to see Downton Abbey The Movie. I was a HUGE fan of the television series, as you can see from past blog posts here, here and here. The television series ran from 2010-2015, and I was intrigued each season. It was a magical combination personally! I love period pieces, British actors, architecture & documentaries and a great story. Fast forward to 2019. I still have my "What is a Weekend?" mug set and the container remnants of what held DA lip gloss. It had been FOUR years! I'm now watching Victoria and The Crown. Awaiting Belgravia. Was the Downton Abbey MAGIC still there? I purchased a movie ticket, plopped down with a bucket of popcorn and waited to see. As soon as the theme music played, it captured me. The story-line was seamless. It picked up where it left off. It fulfilled many dreams of the characters. It answered some questions. There were lots of laughs. It was 99% filled with happy moments. There was one sad teary-eyed moment. Downton Abbey could've ended with the television show. It could end with the movie. But as LIFE, it has LIFE in it. And with LIFE, things begin...things end...things change...etc. Depending on the success of this movie, we might see another DA movie. This movie leaves it open to it. But honestly I'm satisfied with what this movie gave its DA fans.

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