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Monday, October 28, 2019

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Assorted Jack-O-Lantern "Boo" Box of Chocolates

Not Sponsored: I'm really finicky about chocolate candy. I'll buy certain store bought brands. The last really good chocolate I tried was by Planete Chocolate. So good! I also like a lot of the chocolate candy at Lolli & Pops. Just check out my dessert link :) Well I ordered this Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Jack-O-Lantern assorted box of chocolates from Williams Sonoma. I'm so glad I did, because they are so delicious! I've never tried the brand. The packaging is really cute! I love a jack-o-lantern that SMILES. The sleeve also has the words BOO! on the front, along with the brand's name. What's so wonderful, is that if you don't finish these by Halloween ... you can remove the sleeve and the box is PERFECT for Autumn/Fall/Thanksgiving. They were shipped with dry ice and it worked perfect with my Halloween decor. My initial goal was to have a piece of chocolate every night until Halloween, but I will have some left over. So I'm just going to remove the Halloween themed sleeve and it will work with my Thanksgiving decorations. You receive 26 chocolates! They are a combination of caramels, butter creams, nut clusters and molded chocolates. These chocolates are RICH! They're not the kind where you will eat five of them. HaHaHa Take one and just savor the taste. So So Good! I checked out their website and they have box chocolates, gift baskets, sugar free chocolates, fudge, apples, bars, cocoa etc. I will definitely have to try some of their other offerings. What I like is that they're international! They can be found in the United States, Canada, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates.

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