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Friday, October 11, 2019

Halloween Haunted House Wreath

Not Sponsored: I keep a wreath on my door year-round. I change them as the holidays and seasons change. I consider my home to be the "outfit" and the wreath its "accessory". So today, I would like to show you the Halloween wreath I chose for my front door this year. I've had witches and skeletons to adorn my door in the past. But I'm always looking for something different and unique. I found this wreath online this Summer. There was only one (which is why I didn't link it) and it immediately captured my attention. A haunted house! I love haunted houses, but you don't see many as door decorations. Well, this haunted house looks like a hand-crafted piece of art. It has cute little decorated pumpkins nestled all around. With a flick-of-a-switch, its orange windows light up at night. A skeleton head and moss add to its spooky look. And then underneath, orange foliage, black twisted wicked branches and the cutest bow adorn it. It's truly charming. You guys know I love details and this wreath is filled with them. Check out my Instagram page for a video of this wreath. It's more beautiful in person. It works well with my black door. I added pumpkins and an orange mum to complete my outdoor Halloween decor. It puts a smile on my face to see people pass by point & SMILE.

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