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Monday, February 24, 2020

8 Handy Software Tools Your Business Needs

For the modern entrepreneur, improving productivity often relies upon adopting the fastest and most effective business solutions. Much of the time, these solutions lie in the technological world. With so many software options out there, from accounting options to analytics and time management, it can be daunting to know which tools to use. For a few options to streamline your processes and save time, try these eight applications.

1. WorkZone
Workzone is an excellent tool for document collaboration and project management. Users can take advantage of WorkZone to create task notifications, organize projects, and assign responsibilities. Using this software, you can link tasks together and monitor the occurring changes. WorkZone is useful for projects that use consistent processes; users can design templates to be used across each different projects, whether marketing or development. The software provides cross-project views that allow you to gauge a full picture of progress at any given time. Other features of WorkZone include expense tracking, Gantt charts, image markup and workload reports.

2. Zoho Analytics
With this data analytics platform, you’ll get yourself some great data visualizations and insights to put into action. Zoho Analytics can identify trends, determine outliers, and monitor vital company metrics. By receiving data insights from various places, you gain an overall picture of your company's health and performance. Using Zoho Analytics, it’s easy to collaborate with your team via sharing reports, messaging, and comments. You can also set real-time data alerts to notify your team of essential updates. Should you need to create a data chart, you can do this easily via a drag and drop feature. You don’t need to use coding to place charts in the right location. With Zoho Analytics, you’ll also access features such as query tables, REST API, reports, dashboards and support across multiple languages.

3. Time Doctor
Time Doctor is a neat tool for keeping track of work time. You can use the software to monitor your own time or the time of your staff members. Time Doctor provides a picture of apps used and sites visited throughout working hours. When you can see where time is going, it’s easier to improve time management. Users of Time Doctor have the option to permit their clients access to the app, if appropriate. With this feature, clients can access relevant screenshots and reports of the tasks that have been completed for them. Time Doctor provides analytics, flexible configuration, optional payroll, and data encryption.

4. Helpspot
Helpspot is a great piece of help desk software that allows companies to support the needs of their customers. As well as help desk software, the platform also features a support ticket system. With Helpspot, it’s simple to track brands and customers and deliver an improved service. A few of the key features of Helpspot include ticket design, ticket replying and management, knowledge management, and self-service. Using the software, you can support emails and stay organized; gain matrix reports to view trends; and manage SLAs with triggers and automation views.

5. Zoom
Zoom is a popular video conferencing tool for online meetings, training, or webinars. Whether you’re a remote business or not, Zoom is handy for companies to communicate with staff or stakeholders who are on the go. The software can allow up to 100 interactive members, and up to 10,000 members who can view the conference, without interaction. Zoom has some great collaboration features whereby users can send image, text, or audio files between different groups. Meetings are essential, and there isn’t always the time or resources to get everyone to the same place at the same time. With Zoom, you can ensure the perfect interactive meetings for your teams, no matter what.

6. Wave Accounting
Wave is a free app that offers receipt scanning, invoicing, and accounting all in one place. It’s an ideal solution for smaller businesses or self-employed professionals. Wave is simple to set up, with an easy access dashboard and plenty of handy features. You can manage taxes, monitor expenses, and create estimates with ease. Wave can help your business to simplify the process of expense tracking. The software also removes the need for manual data entry. You can set up recurring invoices and bills to save yourself a little time. Further features include yearly record keeping, direct deposit, payroll, and integrations.

7. Flock
Flock is a collaboration platform that allows you and your teams to share project-related information, exchange files, and communicate in real-time. With Flock, you can also communicate with remote employers, via video calls and virtual meetings. Flock can be integrated with apps such as Jira, Trello, or Asana, meaning you can make the most of all your tools and data together. Using Flock, it’s easy to share project ideas; you can create channels associated with specific tasks. Flock also includes productivity tools, communication management, screen sharing, and admin controls. To keep your projects running smoothly, Flock allows users to work together effortlessly no matter where they may be.

8. InfoFlo
InfoFlo is a platform for Customer Relationship Management, perfect for both freelancers and small to mid-sized businesses. Using this software, you can manage and track all the information about your company contacts in one place. With one click, you can access everything that you need. InfoFlo provides you with a detailed picture of all of your previous exchanges with each customer. You can use these exchanges and their preferences to nurture your business relationships. InfoFlo features a customized dashboard, social media management, data backup, meeting tracking, and more.

Finding the right software options for you is much about trial and error. If a tool isn’t working for you, there’s no need to compromise. Continue your search for the top link tracking tools until you find a platform that works best for you and your team. Fortunately, many providers offer free or reasonably priced business tools to help you to reach your goals. From social media management to timekeeping, great software allows you to automate your repetitive and time-consuming tasks. With the right tools you’ll have every chance of improving your business.
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