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Friday, February 21, 2020

Are Engagement Rings Still Relevant In 2020?

Does my engagement ring make my finger look fat?
We’ve all cheered for a friend who’s shared her happy news online. But the trend indicates that in 2020, engagement ring photos are going to slow down. Indeed, more and more people are unsure whether an engagement ring is the right thing for their couples. While love is still strong among the young generations, many brides are concerned that an engagement ring is not something they would feel happy wearing. Therefore, it raises an important question for lovers and fashion lovers alike, namely, are engagement rings still relevant in 2020?

Why wouldn’t you want an engagement ring?
To understand why people buy fewer engagement rings, it’s important to put ourselves in their shoes. Engagement rings are a beautiful and elegant sign of love. However, depending on your career, you may not be able to wear a ring on your finger. People who work in the pastry and bakery sector, for instance, prefer to wear their rings on a necklace because they can cause problems when they work with fresh dough. Some even skip the ring altogether to pick a different type of jewelry, such as an opal nose stud or an elegant silver earpiece. In this instance, the engagement jewelry market needs to diversify itself to make sure everybody can find the right piece for their lifestyle.

Is there a non-jewelry alternative?
For some couples, buying an engagement ring is an expensive investment they can’t afford to make. And the truth is, you don’t need to splash out on jewelry to show that you love each other. There are plenty of alternative engagement gestures you can choose from, such as getting an engagement tattoo together, for instance. Couples can be playful with their symbols, with many choosing complementary images. You could, for example, get a padlock, while bae gets a key tattoo. The placement of your tattoo is not essential, but a lot of people choose to have a tattoo on their ring fingers or their wrists.

Something for the tradition lovers too
It doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t get an engagement ring. While the trend is moving away from rings, there is still a vast market for tradition lovers. With a lot of designs and patterns to choose from, your engagement ring can be as modern, colorful, and playful as you want. You can even include a cluster of different gems and cuts for a mesmerizing effect!

Additionally, while the typical engagement ring has a diamond, nothing is stopping you from picking a different stone.

The girl is asking!
There’s one last case where couples choose to forego the engagement ring. Indeed, while the tradition wants that the man proposes, more and more ladies are taking the matter into their own hands and asking their boyfriend to marry them. Not only is it a cute and romantic gesture for the man in your life, but it is also guaranteed to establish the basis of a happy and gender-equal relationship. But, in those cases, it’s tricky to prepare an engagement ring for your boo!

Are engagement rings becoming old-fashioned? Of course not! But the engagement industry is growing to accommodate many new trends, interests, and needs. As a result, couples who don’t want to buy a ring but still want a token of love can choose between suitably romantic alternatives.
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