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Monday, February 3, 2020

Bath And Body Works 2020 Valentine & Spring Collection Review

Not Sponsored: Hey Guys! When I received an email showcasing Bath and Body Works NEW 2020 Valentine and Spring Collection, I made a quick run to my local BBW store to check out everything. It's a really CUTE collection. Cake pops. Valentine hearts. Strawberry pound cake. Doesn't it sound delectable and delicious? I love the artwork for all of the packaging. So what about the scents? Well .... let me share my thoughts about each with you below.

I bet everyone is familiar with Valentine candy conversation hearts. As a child I loved looking at them. To eat, not so much! Well, I feel the same way about Bath and Body Works Candy Hearts Candle. It's so cute to look at. I love the colorful scattered conversation hearts surrounding it. The scent is very light. It says cotton candy, but it's lighter than that. I had to laugh because one reviewer said gumdrop repackaged and I have to agree. If you get this, please don't pay $24.50. Get some type of discount. It's a nice scent but its not something you MUST have. It's currently sold out online.

The following is what made me jump in my car! Strawberry Pound Cake. Cake Pop. Margarita Cupcake.

I loved the character Strawberry Shortcake as a child. I love to eat strawberry shortcake. What's not to like ... strawberries ... delicious cake ... whipped cream. I just knew I would like Strawberry Pound Cake. I first took a sniff of the candle. And another sniff. The scent was almost non-existent. So I then went on to the body care and tried the body cream. I tried it on one hand and waited :( I took the body mist and sprayed it on a card. None appealed to me. The scent seemed watered down, artificial, and besides the cute artwork on the packaging, just not worth it. Cake Pop had an even lighter scent. I'm not a margarita person, so the Margarita Cupcake scent didn't appeal to me. I was disappointed. I really wanted to buy something, but in my estimation would've been a waste of money.

So I then moved to the candle selection. There was a SLIGHT glimmer of hope with the candles. I liked several candles. My favorite is Glazed Cinnamon Bun. I love the sweet, warm cinnamon roll scent and rich vanilla. I was pleasantly pleased, because BBW's mentions it has orange zest which I usually don't go for. But the vanilla and baked scent is stronger. It's really good. I was hoping they had the candle Chocolate Marshmallow Cloud, but it's only offered ONLINE. Go Figure! LOL Passionfruit Vanilla Cupcake was nice. It's more of a vanilla cupcake scent minus the fruit. It also has white chocolate truffle infused in it. Banana Bundt Cake was also nice. It's a nice blend of banana, cake, cinnamon and walnuts. I tried Unicorn Sprinkles. It's really light you guys! Cotton candy and sugar again (really light). Lavender Marshmallow was better than I thought. HaHaHa You know how I feel about lavender (read here, here, here and here). It's a nice smelling lavender (light). This is a very relaxing candle. More marshmallow and calm. I wish I could remember the Black Cherry candle to tell you but I forgot (I guess not memorable). I am usually not negative, but I had to tell you the truth about this collection.  PLEASE GO INTO THE STORE AND TEST THESE YOURSELF. IF YOU ORDER ONLINE YOU MAY BE DISAPPOINTED. Also, while I was there a couple of guys were testing out some scents (they look like they were trying to get a head start on Valentine's Day sniffed a couple of things) and didn't care for what they tried. While standing at one of the candle tables, a lady was not pleased with the Strawberry Pound Cake candle. So there you go! It just wasn't me. CUTE PACKAGING is not enough. To me, it seemed BBW's skimped on scents. I hate when a brand takes shortcuts. They really missed it with this one. The sales people were really lovely at my store. I didn't express my disappointment, but it sometimes shows on my face. One mentioned another collection would be coming out soon. I'm hoping for better.

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