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Friday, February 7, 2020

Essie Valentine's Day Collection 2020 Review and Swatches

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Not Sponsored: As mentioned previously, I'm replenishing my nail lacquer collection. The Essie Valentine's Day Collection caught my eye. Collections like this can be tricky. There's usually one or two you don't like. To my surprise, I love all the colors. They have really cute names as well: Piece Love & Chocolate. Don't Be Choco-Late. Talk Sweet To Me. Surprise & Delight. Unwrap Me. Love-Fate Relationship. Each is "dressed" in its own decorative Valentine-ish sleeve. From my experience, Essie is consistently a great brand that offers nail lacquer at a great price without diminishing the quality of the polish. I purchased the entire collection and swatched it for you below. You'll find that these colors will take you from Spring to Winter. So they're not just for THIS time of year. Which is a good thing! A girl loves to have options and value for her buck! It's hard to believe, Valentine's Day is only 7 days away!

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  Essie Valentine's Day Collection 2020 is Supersweet

Essie Valentine's Day Collection 2020 | TALK SWEET TO ME (rosy pink)
Talk Sweet To Me is my absolute favorite shade out of the collection! I usually detest pinks, but this is the richest and most beautiful shade of carnation pink I've ever seen. I'm trying to resist getting another bottle. HaHaHa This shade will compliment any skin-tone. Such a great color. This can be purchased alone (ULTA, Kohls, Target) or as a set with a Sugarfina candy cube ;) Maybe I'll buy it for the candy! Sugarfina candy is so good. Grab you a bottle of this!

Essie Valentine's Day Collection 2020 | PIECE, LOVE & CHOCOLATE (pink metallic foil)
Another pink ... I call it a SAUCY & SPICY pink ... is called Piece, Love & Chocolate! I own some cherry blossom pink jeans and this shade would pair well with them. It's perfect for Spring & Summer. Wearable and not too shimmery. This shade can be found at ULTA, Kohl's and Target. It's a fun color, but still wearable from work to the weekend.
Essie Valentine's Day Collection 2020 | SURPRISE & DELIGHT (red metallic foil)
Surprise & Delight is a candy apple red. I love candy apples and I love the color candy apple red. Both are delicious to eat and look at. Love this metallic look. This shade can be purchased at ULTA, Kohls and Target.

 Essie Valentine's Day Collection 2020 | DON'T BE CHOCO-LATE (creamy mid-tone brown)
Don't Be Choco-Late is a milk chocolate. Think Chocolate Easter Bunny Rabbit. YUM!!! Don't bite off your nails. LOL This color is great for the very beginning and end of the year. This color can be purchase at ULTA and Kohl's.

Essie Valentine's Day Collection 2020 | LOVE-FATE RELATIONSHIP (dark cherry red)
I love the fact that Essie included a "dark-themed" shade in this collection. The Love-Fate Relationship shade is a dark berry color (red & brown). It reminds me of a glass of merlot! It can be purchased at ULTA, Kohl's and Target.

Essie Valentine's Day Collection 2020 | UNWRAP ME (magenta metallic foil)
Unwrap Me is bold purple! I usually go for a darker purple, but this one kind of reminds me of Sugar Plums ... Christmastime. I'll probably save it for the holidays. Unwrap Me can be purchased at ULTA, Kohl's and Target.

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