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Monday, February 17, 2020

Non-Invasive Therapies That Make Your Skin Glow

While having glowing skin is not an essential ingredient for success, it can help. Beautiful skin is a tool that you can use to your advantage when trying to make progress in the business world. If nothing else, it can make you feel confident.

In the old days, getting great skin required going down one of two routes. Either you were meticulous in your diet, only eating high-quality foods for years on end. Or you had some kind of harsh treatment or chemical peel.

Today, though, there’s a third way: so-called non-invasive therapies. But what exactly are these? And how do they make your skin glow?

Laser Therapies
Despite their origins in military applications, lasers have found a variety of uses in the world of cosmetics, used for everything from hair removal to skin tags.

According to The Plastic Surgery Channel, you can also now get non-invasive laser surgery to reverse signs of aging and improve the way you look. The way these lasers work is simple. The surgeon points them at problems in or under the skin - usually spider veins - and then zaps them. The beam of light kills shuts down veins, and the body uses other vessels to continue transporting nutrients to the skin. Immune cells then carry the dead tissue away, eliminating visible blemishes.

You can use lasers to zap all kinds of dying and senescent cells that make your skin look tired. The light penetrates the skin, kills the cell, and then the body clears up the mess, leaving your face looking rejuvenated in the process. It’s semi-miraculous.

Coolsculpting is one of the most popular non-invasive therapies out there for reducing the amount of fat under the skin and making it shine. Just like laser therapy, there’s no downtime. You can go for a session in the morning and then go right back to work in the afternoon.

For many people, subcutaneous fat is a big problem. Fat under the skin makes you feel less confident about your body, affecting your ability to perform in the world of work.

Coolsculpting isn’t like liposuction. It doesn’t penetrate the skin or suck out fat mechanically. Instead, it uses pulses of energy to jiggle fat molecules in such a way that they break apart, making it easy for the body to use them as a source of energy. It also kills fat cells, forcing your body to burn them as soon as possible.

Non-Invasive Skin Tightening
While a facelift can produce stunning results, it is also a major operation that can leave you out of action for weeks. For that reason, an increasing number of successful women are choosing non-invasive skin tightening instead.

The reason skin tends to sag as it gets old is that it loses collagen - the chemical responsible for keeping it plump and firm. Non-invasive tightening provides the skin with a kick to produce more of its own collagen, firming and plumping it in the process. Typically, clinics do this using non-surgical device to challenge layers of cells.
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