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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Mardi Gras 2020

Not Sponsored: Hey Everybody! Today is Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I thought I would share some of the festivities with you. The parades have been rolling for about two weeks now. After Mardi Gras starts the Lenten Season leading into Easter. Below is the Mardi Gras wreath I displayed on my door this year. I thought it was so pretty :) I really love the purple, green & gold ribbon and baubles in the wreath. I also love the king cake nestled in it.

The citizens of New Orleans are always so creative with their costumes.
WWL TV's morning crew dressed up like The British Royal Family. 
I loved Sheba Turk (in black) as Meghan Markle (of course). Chef Kevin Belton as The Queen (hilarious)

A lot of places in New Orleans make King Cake. There are now both sweet & savory varieties.
I always get one from Randazzo's but I tried Antoine's and it was SUPER AWESOME.

You pretty much eat and party the entire time during Mardi Gras.
I ate at Deanie's Seafood Restaurant and Market. It's not fancy, but the seafood is EXCELLENT. 
Not on the menu are their ice cream pina colada's (ask for one ... THEY ARE SO GOOD).
Also order their GUMBO and MATE PLATE.

I made some shrimp creole the other night. It was really tasty.
I opened a bottle of Saracco Moscato D'Asti given to me for my birthday.

I decided not to cook for Mardi Gras. I ordered from Barrow's Restaurant.
I ordered their Shrimp Destyn Pasta, Crawfish Pasta Delight, Catfish King Platter, Catfish & Shrimp Combo Platter, Shrimp Po Boy, Oyster Po Boy and Baby Back Ribs. 
Local TV Stations show all the parades on television. So I can just eat and enjoy ;)

I love this New Orleans inspired "What New Orleans Birthday Month Are You?" by Zatarains

What's Mardi Gras without a parade!?! My favorites are Krewe D'Etat (a satirical parade). They made fun of local problems (such as New Orleans Sewage & Waterboard) to national issues (Epstein) to political issues (Nancy Pelosi "The Ripper", Trump of course etc). Bacchus is a night parade with beautiful floats.You can see all the parades on and on YouTube. Unfortunately two people died this Mardi Gras season. So now the city is looking at float safety and the people trying to catch throws from the riders on the float. See past Mardi Gras here.

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