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Friday, February 21, 2020

How to Save Money on Your Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue is the backdrop to your big day, it influences everything from the mood and tone of your wedding to how your pictures look- so is arguably one of the most important decisions to make. But if the beautiful wedding venues you have on your shortlist are simply out of your budget you don’t need to panic yet, there are plenty of ways you can get what you want and keep the costs where you want them. Here are some ideas!

Get married off season
Getting married anywhere between May and September will cost you the most money, with the mid summer months tending to fetch the highest prices. As beautiful as a summer wedding is, considering getting married at another time of year could massively reduce the cost. How about a magical winter wedding, or a gorgeous pastel ‘spring bloom’ theme? Autumn weddings are becoming more popular, and the incredible foliage you can find during the fall can really add something to a wedding. Think classy decorated pumpkins, sunflowers and orange and red leaves. Have a think about other times of the year and figure out if getting married during that time is worth it for the costs you’ll save.

Have a smaller wedding
Another way to get the wedding that you want but without blowing the budget is to scale it back. This can be tricky, there are lots of unwritten rules about who should get an invite to your day but put yourself in control. It’s your wedding, you’re paying for it so invite who you like. If cutting back the guest list from 250 acquaintances to 100 close friends and family saves you thousands of pounds then why wouldn’t you?

Go with a less traditional venue
Stunning hotels and similar venues look fantastic there’s no denying it, they tend to have all of the catering and other facilities right on site as well as scenic gardens and backdrops for photos. So booking something like this often makes sense as you know what you’re getting and it makes things easier. But if you’re not afraid to do something different then why not go for a more unusual venue? Hire out a building that’s not typically used for weddings such as a farm and hold your event here. There are lots of ideas online so work out of any would suit you and there’s anything nearby to where you live that you could check out.

Get married at home
Do you have a large garden? Why not get married or hold your reception at home? You can hire large wedding gazebos and kit them all out with lights, decorations, tables and a dance floor for much less than you’d pay at most other venues. Being at home could make it even more special for the right kind of couple, and it’s a definite option to consider if you have the right space.
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