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Thursday, May 13, 2021

3 Eid Outfit Ideas For Every Personality

It’s nearly time for Eid Al-Fitr, and if you’re someone who loves dressing up you’re probably already thinking about what you might wear.

As Eid follows the thoughtful and reflective time of Ramadan, it’s often a time where people try out new ideas and looks—inspired by the fresh new perspectives that they’ve gained. It’s a great time to people-watch and to get inspired for your outfit choices for the year to come!

It’s also a time to show off your personality, and wear clothing that truly reflects your character.

Here are some ideas for Eid outfits to inspire you and to suit any personality type.

Pretty and Feminine

It’s getting warmer, which makes it a great time of year to try out a new dress. Try a feminine floral dress if you want to stay cool and look great at the same time, and pair it with a pair of pretty slip-on or heeled sandals.

If you’re going with an open-toed sandal, it’s worth spending some time and energy on your feet to make sure that they look their best.

Some steps to getting great-looking and -feeling feet are:

  • Give them a good soak. This is an opportunity to clean your feet, but also to pamper yourself by soaking in the hot water.
  • Exfoliate. You can use a pumice stone or a foot scrub to do this, whichever works the best for you.
  • Buff. If you have hard skin on your feet, be sure to buff it away to have your feet looking their best.
  • Moisturize. Feet require much more intensive moisturizing than the skin elsewhere on our bodies because it’s so thick, so make sure you get a specialist foot moisturizer to do the job right.
  • Tend to your cuticles. A couple of times a week do some maintenance with a cuticle trimmer.

Have fun with nail polish! Choose a color that will complement your outfit, and has the wow factor.


If you want to look effortlessly sophisticated and like you mean business, then try a matching set or one of the Eid dresses from Shiffonz. They have been specially designed to help you celebrate in style, and come in a dazzling array of colors and styles, so there will be an option there to suit everyone.

Casual Chic

Not everyone wants to dress up for Eid. Perhaps you would rather focus on spending quality time with your family and friends, and feel that an overly fussy outfit would get in the way of that.

If that’s the case, you can dress comfy and still look great by being deliberate in your outfit choice. Find a high-quality piece of clothing such as a special pair of jeans, and then build the rest of your outfit around it.

If you’re looking for a good pair of jeans you can check for quality by ensuring that the buttons are secure, that the stitching is uniform, and—most importantly—that they fit you well. If you do this then you will look effortlessly smart, even in your casual clothes.

If you choose jeans for your Eid attire, it looks very comfortable and simple. But how do you make your simple jeans look great at the same time? Custom embroidered patches are a very smart choice. Stick it over your jeans for a comfortable yet sophisticated look. Choose clothing that is comfortable and looks good so you can focus on spending quality time with family and friends.

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