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Sunday, May 16, 2021

BEAUTYBLENDER Bio Pure Makeup Sponge Review

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Not Sponsored: Sustainability. Plant Based. We hear those words often nowadays. I've really tried over the past several years to make an effort to switch to "cleaner" skincare and fashion.  I use REN Skincare and The Body Shop hair care products. I'm buying second hand clothes on eBay (ThredUp), choosing designers like Eileen Fisher and shopping at places like Garnet Hill. So what about MAKEUP? You guys, I get an F. If I like it, I will buy it. But small changes are good right? Well BEAUTYBLENDER caught my eye with their NEW BEAUTYBLENDER Bio Pure Makeup Sponge. It's a beautiful green! It has a BIO PLUSH FOAM. Okayyyy! Well BEAUTYBLENDER states this makeup sponge is "made from a 60% plant base of renewable sugarcane & an even more sustainable production process". It has the same bounce & softness as the original BEAUTYBLENDER. The canister is constructed with recycled resins. It's the same price as all of the other BEAUTYBLENDERS. They should just use this technology with all of them. Don't you think? I love the NUDE (neutral hue). I also use the BLACK (Pro) BEAUTYBLENDER. This is Made In The USA and Vegan. I really like it. It performed well when I applied my makeup. I'll definitely purchase more of these. People have their own personal preferences. Some people prefer makeup brushes. Some prefer sponges. Some even like to use both. I reach for both, many times. I wanted to share my thoughts with you on this one :) Its definitely a good buy.

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