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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Topiary Pillows: Bring The Outdoors Inside

Not Sponsored: Hey Everybody! I want to tell you about some cool pillows I recently purchased for my home. They're from Grandin Road (I LOVE Grandin Road) and they're called topiary pillows. I love plants and flowers, but not necessarily the care required to take care of them ;) I have two azalea bushes outside and they keep me busy. So when I saw these pillows, I said they would make great accent and decorative pieces. One is a topiary lumbar pillow (shown below: can be used inside or with outside furniture). This pillow is textured (leaves) and dimensional. It has a black back and piped edges. The two pillows on both sides of the lumbar pillow are called topiary sphere pillows. I LOVE THESE. The material is soft and not prickly. They're round, very unique and just fun & different. There are three other styles you can choose from, even leading into the Fall months. These are considered boxwood. And then finally the large pillow in the director chair is called a Zoey topiary pillow. Its three dimensional as well and has a removable cover. It has a black backing and I love the design. So, I wanted to share these with you. I'm always looking for something different and thought you might too. You can see more designs here. I decorate my living area every holiday (examples here, here and here). It really puts a SMILE on both my face and company I have over.

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