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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Tips To Succeed In The Property Minefield

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If you intend on selling your property this year, there is a lot that must be factored in. It can be a little bit overwhelming, but do not fret, as we have got you covered.

Four things every good online advert needs to have

Is your online advert working? Over 90 per cent of people begin their property hunt on the Internet. So, you do not need me to tell you that your online advert is key! Here are four key things it should have…

1. 6+ Photographs – If you have less than six photographs you not generate interest in your property. In fact, buyers may even think you are hiding something. Why haven’t you included a photo of your living room? Is it the downfall of your home? There’s also no need to go overboard and take a picture of every corner of your property! 

2. Stunning Front Shot – The front shot of your home is crucial. Give the exterior a new coat of paint. Add a wreath if it’s Christmas. Add some bright flowers if its summer. Give it some life!

3. Differentiate – Does your property stand out from others? Is your advert punchy? Does it generate attention and maintain it?

4. Floor plan – Make your floor plan available for download. The buyer may want to print it off. One big error people make is not making their floor plan big enough to read. Including this is important because it gives a realistic depiction regarding the size of your rooms.

Are your photographs stopping your house from selling?

Photographs present your first opportunity to make an impression on anyone that is looking at your listing. They can be the difference between getting an abundance of viewings and none at all! If you are not getting any viewings, ask yourself whether your photographs could be the reason why?

Take a look at the photos. Are there images of every room? Is there a photo of the front of your home? If not, there’s no wonder the viewings aren’t rolling in! Buyers will think you are not showcasing a certain room because you have something to hide. Are you hiding the kitchen because it is in poor condition? Perhaps not, but that’s what everyone will assume!

Do the pictures contain a lifestyle aspect or not? Can you envisage yourself living there just by the images? Little touches, such as a fresh pot of tea in the kitchen with some nice china tea cups, can make all of the difference.

Did you hire a professional photographer to take the photos? If not, this is something you should definitely think about doing. Professionals pick up aspects that an estate agent or an amateur would not. They also know how to create atmosphere, use the right lighting and get the most out of your home. They are worth their weight in gold.

Uh oh… the house next door is for sale too!

Every seller thinks their worst nightmare has come true when one of their neighbours puts their house on the market as well. This will only become a nightmare situation if you allow it to be! Instead, let this competition drive you to ensure your home stands out and makes a better impression than the rest! Luxury houses like those in Ridgefield can draw in a lot of attention, and you simply need to ensure yours stands out from the rest.

This means it is homework time! You have to find out about the property. A good place to start is by discovering how much their property is on the market for. You need to know if they have massively undercut your asking price or not. How many rooms do they have? How big is their kitchen? Do they have a large garden? You can find out the answers by searching their property online. Or, you can simply ask your neighbours! But don’t come across as if you are integrating them - you may be annoyed that they’ve put their house on the market too, but they haven’t committed a crime! 

One thing you definitely should not do is simply wait until your neighbour has sold their property. If they have managed to put theirs up for sale first don’t let that stop you from following suit. Competition doesn’t have to be a negative thing. In fact, it can give you the motivation to ensure your house is the best it can possible be. A little harmless competition never hurt anyone!

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