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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Your Wedding Day Checklist For The Perfect Day!

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The perfect wedding is what many girls dream of, but for those who want a stress-free day, then a few lists must be made and adhered to! You must try and juggle as much as possible, and even with your event organizers, there are added extras that you should personally consider. You must be sure to keep the numbers of everyone involved on your phone and keep track of all your guests.

An organized list of suppliers

Make a neat list of all the vendors that take part in the event, whether it's the wedding photographer, the DJ, the event designer and anyone who gives you service during the wedding day. Photographers in particular are going to be really important - especially if you want wedding photography in Geelong, Australia. It is recommended to include their name, position, telephone and even a summary of what exactly was agreed (arrival times for the event, highlights agreed with it, etc.) You should also print several copies in order to give to the event managers in the hall as well. If you haven’t done so, now is the time for you to get your wedding rings organised. If you have an engagement ring that doesn’t fit any more, it could be worth going to buy engagement ring today, so you can make it match your wedding ring on the big day.

Catering and menu selection

You will probably want to put together a winning menu, in order to provide a rich culinary experience and offer a variety of delicious dishes to guests. You should ask for recommendations, read reviews on quality and reliable catering companies, and after filtering, you will be able to set taste tests to be impressed by the quality of the food and the level of service and function at the event. Make sure to take into account any food allergies or intolerances and get an idea of what people may want beforehand.

Comfortable shoes for resting

It is advisable to take an extra pair of shoes for outdoor photography, as you will be moving from location to location that may be far away at times. Equipping oneself with an extra pair of shoes is a professional tip from annabellaw, ensuring their photographers are prepared for any location, no matter the distance. Walking in heels all day is no fun for any woman, therefore if you can have some other shoes to relieve your feet a few times during the day, this will be helpful!


Sunglasses always save the day and even add chic to outdoor photography if you are having a summer wedding. They can even complement your new hair!  Of course it is more than possible to achieve the perfect wedding day hair so why not be a little more chic and add some shades too. There is nothing worse than being blinded by the sun when you’re trying to have your photos taken.

First aid bag

Paracetamol, allergy pills, sore throat lozenges, plasters, bandages etc. It sounds extreme, but it is vital to be prepared. Just in case your voice starts to crack as you’re about to walk down the aisle, or perhaps your feet have blisters from your shoes. If you’re prepared, then it will make the experience a little more comfortable.

Phone charger!

You don't want to lose charge on your phone during your wedding day! Neither does anyone else. To avoid the super-sucking scenario of zero percent battery life, make sure you have an attached charger in advance, and if you have a portable charger, even better.

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