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Monday, May 10, 2021

3 Tips To Stay Healthy This Summer

Summer is just around the corner. Everyone is making a final attempt to use their neglected gym memberships and bite the bullet on those New Year’s resolutions. As part of your conquest to get healthy, here are our three top tips on staying healthy this summer.

1. Drink More Water

There is nothing more hydrating than water. When you’re drinking enough, you’re providing energy to your cells so that they can instruct your organs to eliminate toxins from your system. Drinking water boosts mental clarity and helps you stay full for longer. Most of us are not drinking the recommended eight glasses a day, and we really should be, considering how hard we’re working out at our local gyms to get into summer-ready shape. The next time you find yourself reaching for coffee to give you energy, grab a bottle of water instead. You might be surprised to discover how recharged you feel after keeping up with this habit.

2. Stop Eating Late

With the incredible discovery of electricity and the plethora of tech devices utilized in the modern world, people have become out of touch with the natural rhythms of night and day and what they mean for the human body. People are not night predators. We do not have supervision to scope out food, and we aren’t in a position to fast for days at a time, desperate to scarf down the first thing we spot out in the darkness. However, mammals like us follow the guidelines of the universe: they eat when the sun is out, and they stop eating (and sleep) once the sun goes down. We’re not suggesting you put away your tablet at 7 pm, but maybe make a goal to eat no later than around that time. Your body needs time to digest, and if you eat too late, you’ll wake up groggy and acidic and find that your body is storing your late-night eats as fat. Body fat occurs when there is too much energy trapped in the body that is not being used. This is why eating less and exercising more, or teaching your body to fat-burn on its own, are proven ways to lose weight and live a healthier life.

3. Spend Time Outside

Now that the weather is a bit nicer commit to spending at least thirty minutes outside every single day. If you really can’t find the time, consider taking up an outdoorsy career. You can use this time to take a walk, care for your exotic plants, or sunbathe. Regular exposure to the great outdoors increases mental clarity, as it supplies your brain with fresh oxygen. Sun exposure increases Vitamin D levels, which is critical to preventing depression. You can also make sure to get all your necessary nutrients by taking a multivitamin as part of your daily self-care routine. Your looks will also benefit with more time outside, as your skin and eyes will look brighter, and you’ll acquire that “natural glow” that comes along with lounging around in the sunshine. You might even get a bit of a tan, helping you to feel summer-ready before the season even starts. Just be sure to always wear sunscreen, especially if you burn easily.

Getting summer-ready is all about the preparation work you put into taking care of yourself. You already know the basics for achieving good health; you just need to commit to them. Focus on taking care of yourself from the inside out. If you eat healthily, move your body, and stay mindful of how much time you spend indoors and outdoors, you’ll be ready for summer in no time.

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