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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Easy Ideas For Self-Care After Lockdown

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You may find that now lockdown 3.0 is over, your social calendar is stacking up! All the dinner invitations roll in, the shopping invites, brunches, but it's still important to make time just for you. Soothing self-care rituals may have helped us get through lockdown, but we're not going to let go of them now! So, here are some ideas to help you ease into post-lockdown life.

Spa Day

With lockdown restrictions slowly lifting, many spas will have regulations in place to keep their customers and clientele safe. What better way to take care of yourself than by pampering yourself at a Spa. And if you still need convincing, there are so many health benefits to a spa day. It gives you a chance to disconnect completely from the stress of modern life, which does wonders for your well-being. And it also helps increase your blood circulation,  which increases the flow of nutrients and oxygen throughout the system and all the body's cells. This improves your sense of well-being and allows you to feel better! A med spa (medical spa) is especially for good as it offers holistic and medical services suited to any unique needs!

Do Exercise You Enjoy

On Instagram, it seems like everyone is throwing themselves back into PT sessions and the gym, but that does not suit everyone, and that's okay! Exercise you enjoy is all about personal preference. One person's pilates or yoga class may be someone's nightmare! So, it's all about trial and error. YouTube is good for this because there are a plethora of free exercise classes you can take, from boxing and dance to tai chi. You'll find something suited for you!

Connect and Communicate

There is nothing wrong with experiencing reentry anxiety. After remaining sedentary for months, there are going to be some teething problems. So, talking your feelings through can lighten the load and see your worries in a new light, whether calling a family member or a friend or even talking to a work colleague. You will probably find that you're not alone with these emotions, and it may help you come to terms with them.


When you're at home all day, every day and your routine remains the same, it is easy to start running empty. It's natural for bad sleep habits to form, whether it's sleeping later and staying up later. As you adjust to a busier social life, and in some cases, return to work, you need to make sure you will maintain a consistent sleep pattern; your body will thank you for it! It's good to work evening catch-ups, doing your own thing, and work around an eight-hour sleep window, and this should be stuck, too, no matter how busy your schedule gets! You may struggle to drift off after a busy day, so try winding down with tea, a book, or even an episode of a comfort show!

Unplug and Unwind!

With technology now, it's not easy to unplug and unwind completely; who knows who may try to get in touch with you and if they need you. However, allocating time for a digital detox can have a great effect on your mood! It allows you to focus on life outside social media. Endless scrolling swallows up your time to set aside one day a week where you don't look or touch your phone and concentrate on other activities that bring you joy, like a walk or reading, or sketching!  If that is a bit much to do straight away, switch your phone settings to add time limits on certain apps and set a reminder when you have spent too long on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook.

Clear out Clutter

Marie Kondo has not lost her touch! Clearing out your messiest cupboards and drawers is so rewarding and therapeutic! And afterward, you will have a cleaner, more organised space that's easier to navigate, and freedom to buy more things! Organise your charity shop drop-off; it's good to call them before you turn up with a boot load of stuff. Also, make sure you check first to see if they are accepting donations for health and safety issues. Selling stuff on Facebook also works, and it helps to make sure your preloved items continue to be loved!

Plant Something

It's time to get a houseplant (or six); greenery can offer stress-relieving, mood-enhancing properties, the right plant neutralizes the air around you, and looks really pretty!

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